Why understanding is more powerful than other millionaire's thoughts ?

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Hello friends,

We know that, in today's era- everybody want to become rich and successful in their life. In shorts, everyone love to enjoy their life with their family members or sometimes alone or through travelling and many more. But, in actual- people are trying to figure out the short-cuts that will help them to become millionaire or billionaire etc. and so on. So i tried to understand them and find out through my own understanding that why people fail?

                    I am just giving my own opinions, in this particular post that will help you to understand- why average people not become successful/rich in their life.

                    Today, majority of population around the world are focusing on successful people seminars. No doubt, successful person have better vision, understanding, problem solving, manageable and many more qualities. Even, they (average people) are continuously learning their ways, thoughts, affirmation and overall, i can say that most of the people will get motivated and promise with themselves that we are going to do something different. But, in actual, they will lost everything or forget everything- when they sleep (in other words, loose their energy level again).

                    Understand my point of above paragraph, what's going on actually in seminars. Citizens/followers, those are watching these seminars are start creating dreams in their mind and it will bigger, and bigger and more bigger. For example, a person attend a amazing seminar and during listening his/her voice. He/she will start dreaming about their life  such as  he/she will buy a bigger home in which every type of facility available and then he/she will buy a luxury car and many more. Here's my point, these people only living their life in dreams but not in reality. So guys, one point is that you need to take action for making your dream's reality. This is really very important.

Other's thought will help you to get motivate, that's it- But your understanding and your actions will help you to become rich and make you able to get everything that you want.

                   Second thing, most of successful people wrote their own books and they claim that these books will help them to become rich. Is that possible, well of course yes! but no also. In case of percentage only 20% Yes and 80% No. How!

In actual, these successful people have their own thinking and others have different.  Ok, Just ask yourself a single question? 

is really these books will help a person become rich in short or long term. and the answer is  NO. then what's happening!

in actual, those people are becoming rich- who are selling their books not those who are reading their books, if yes then the percentage is less than 1.

                    Third point, different  types of problem will occur and can be only solve by different ways. Here's only understanding will work's not other's thoughts like be positive, be courage or something like that.

simple, problem going to be solve only by understanding actions, not by staying positive. 

what is the reality, stay positive will help you to motivate only and help you to get stick with your goals until you get it.

These are only three points, but i have much more deeply understanding than other's thoughts. 

Remember one thing in your life, understanding is much better than other way of learning.

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