How to 50x your your money with the help of bitcoin and crypto

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There's been a lot of exiting news in the concurrency world. lately i think so it kind of seems like we're pretty close to bottom. If we haven't already hit bottom that's exciting. Etfs or possibly next months I think as i reported could cause possibly cause the next bull run. Even coinbase they announced their intention to add new coins that's really exciting this is exciting times. I'm ready you're ready everyone is ready and I want you to keep this in mind before we get into it. You and me we are in the same boat I have invested in crpto. I want to make some money. You're invested in crypto you want to make some money. But here's the thing guys and this is where the rubber hits the road. Here's the thing at the end of the day. We're still paying our bills with fiat cash. At the end of the day you and me were just two guys sitting at our computers waiting that's the reality. But I think that's really what it takes to be a smart successful investor. The waiting you've got to wait. You've got what I mean for instance . Say you found hot new altcoin with big potential. What do yo do you better wait you better not FOMO into that thing. You better research as much as you can. You read the white paper. You seek out interviews from the leadership team. You team you check the roadmap and then when you truly decide that yes I want to take out a position what do you do. You wait some more you watch the market do not rush into anything. Take out your core position when the market is low and guess what do you do after you take out your core position unfortunately you have to wait and that's probably the most important waiting you'll ever do that's the Hotaling part. Now i don't mean for this to sound remedial okay I know that there's plenty of you who are more advanced than this in the audience I'm not trying to insult your intelligence. But here's the thing guys that altcoin daily we like to be both optimistic but also realistic and the harsh reality is that there's a chance that we might have to wait a very long time before we see major gains I means there is a chance. There's a lot of green flags that could suggest a bull run coming but also I was reading a article the other day a pretty interesting stuff. It's titled a aetherium co-founder vitalic butyrin comes up with seven difficult questions for the crypto verse and I'm gonna leave this in the description. We're not gonna get too much into this but just check out some of these questions I mean these are good points. Why aren't there any useful large-scale application yet why are there not yet good solutions to account security . When will the problem of account hacks and thefts be solved how can decenctralized apps work well even with a 5-10 second blockchain latency. I mean proof of work is burning billions of dollars per even more than all the scams and thefts combined. You know ins't this is a big tragedy I mean there's a lot of good questions here and I don't think anybody really has great answers for these yet know. Here's the thing I'm not too worried because me personally I'm a disciplined investor. I can wait as long as it takes takes I takes i can wait a very long time are you guys disciplined investors. let me know in the comments.

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Bitcoin is futer

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I agree patience is the key in crypto world to get success

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