Why value of rupee is falling against US dollars.

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In the last one year the rupee has slumped to an all time low of 69 against dollar. The lowest in 19 months since November 2016 when it had 68. The rupee has taken a hit due to rising crude oil prices on the backdrop of your sanctions on Iran and outflow of dollars from foreign institutional investors. They fall a huge concern to those who are studying abroad. Especially in the US and those planning to take a holiday there. Experts say over the last year or so Indians both in the US as well as in India have been looking towards countries that can give them permanent residency like Australia or Canada. The dollar becoming more expensive against the rupee the shift even in students making a choice about where to study may shift away from the US. main priority for the country is to get back to 8% plus growth and no country sustain 8% growth without exports. If i would say one of the weaknesses of the last four years of this government has has been the weaknesses of India's exports. I think for too long time rupee was overvalued. Smart countries don't allow that to happen. China is a very good example. So i personally think that there is a degree of recovery that's going on in the economy. The US dollar is also been weaker that we had expected. Yes oil prices are going up and they are a cause for concern.

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Nice article bro .. all the facts u mentioned are so true .. nd plus the rate of unemployment in India is incresing ..

I had seen ur profile on moneyguruu ..

So please vote nd follow my profile .
I will definitely make a vote comments nd follow ur profile ..

Indian rupees keeps on falling against US Dollars and our economist could do hardly anything to recover.

Nice information bro