Someday Never Comes.

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Do you know how to tell a successful person from an unsuccessful one? Just take a look at the language that they use. When you talk to a successful person about his goals, he will tell you exactly

  • What he plans to achieve,
  • What he plans to do achieve it, and
  • When he will do it.
    When an unsuccessful person answers this kind of questions. assuming that he has any real goals to begin with, you are more likely to hear a response along the lines of "I hope to do this someday." But in reality someday never comes.

The reason why a person uses words and phrases like someday, I hope, or I wish? It's because this gives him an out. This excuse allows him to avoid being held accountable for his actions and ultimately, his failures. If he were to place a time limit on the goal and doesn't manage to achieve this goal, guess what? He fails. Some people Hate to face failure and will do everything they can to avoid it. For example, if you say that you will become a millionaire someday, you latterly have until you're buried six feet under to achieve this goal. Even if you ultimately fail to become a millionaire in the end, you won't be around to feel the pain of failure. In contrast, winner have no fear of failing in the short-term because they know that success comes from a string of failures. The key is to learn from your mistakes, learn from your failures, and build success from them.

Everyone has dreams and goals. The only real difference between a dream and a goal is the fact that a goal is dream with a timeline and a plan of action. We all have dreams becoming financially independent, having a happy family, contributing to society in the best way possible but how many of you have made it a goal to achieve these dreams? How many you have placed a time limit on each of these dreams? Or did you just say that you are going to do it someday?

think about this way. Can you imagine buying a presale condominium and not knowing when it will be completed? Imagine if you were to approach the developer about the matter and the only response that they'd give you is, "It will be finished someday," Who would even consider buying into a condominium like that? you have to think about dreams in the same way. By telling yourself that your dream will come true someday or that you hope that it will come true someday, you are effectively giving the same response as the condo developer. If you are not willing to buy the condo, why on earth would you be willing to buy your dreams/

I you wish to achieve anything in life, you have to place a time limit on it A goal without a time limit is not a goal. A time limit force you to take action right now, instead of just sitting on the couch waiting for things to happen. Don't be afraid to fail because without the risk of failure, it is not possible to achieve any sort of real success. Failure is required in order to succeed. You will not find a successful person who doesn't have few good stories to tell about their failures.

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