Here is top 5 most visited website list in U.S

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Hi Friends, today I am going to share the most popular websites in U.S, As we know that there is a lot of website in worldwide or U.S. So every website has own content and own visitor from worldwide .. So Without wasting your time here is top 5 most popular websites in U.S .

Note - I search it on google and I am going to share you guys.

  1. Google - One of the most popular search engines in the U.S followed by Yahoo and Bing also Google reigns supreme in the U.S. Also Google has other products like Blogger, Google Maps, Google Drive, YouTube & Gmail etc.

  2. Youtube - One of the most popular videos sharing platform in the U.S owned by Google. Youtube deserve on its second number.

  3. Facebook - One of the most popular social network site in the U.S . In 2012 Facebook bought Instagram and 2014 Facebook bought Whatsapp.

  4. Amazon - One of the most popular shopping site in the U.S , Its has other products like Amazon Prime Video & Personal Assistant Alexa.

  5. Yahoo - One of the most popular site for mail, sports, news & finance in the U.S, this company owned a microblogging site which is called Tumblr.

Thank you for reading, Hope you'll have some question if have so comment down .

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