I am new here.. Please welcome me.

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Hello everybody, I am MUKESH living in Dehradun, India. Here I go by the name @kittocap and this is my first Channel where I will be posting all sorts of funny things which will make you feel Crazy, Better & Happy. I believe in happiness and everyone deserves to be happy. I also believe that Life is too short to be sad so why not enjoy it while it lasts? Here with the name @kittocap I am ceating an environment for you guys which is full of Positivity, Laughter & Happiness.

Moreover, this is why I am coming into Steemit. I want to make you feel better with a decentralised steemit plateform. I will be also providing you the post related to education, empowerment, growth & the power of positivity in life. So why not join me and push yourself towards the happy life in the tense world.

I heard about this great community few days back through my mentor, my guru.. of course he is your's too Sumit Kapoor @moneyguruu. With his explanation and details of how things works here, I joined this wonderful community. Now I’m very glad to be here with you guys because I believe this is a platform where people with great ideas and concepts meets.

COME ON GUYS ! Help me today to make it BEAUTIFUL and BIGGER.
I will always love and support you.
Thanks a million for your love and supports.


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Welcome to Steem Community @kittocap! As a gentle reminder, please keep your master password safe. The best practise is to use your private posting key to login to Steemit when posting; and the private active key for wallet related transactions.

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Good day! Welcome to the platform. Like you I'm also new here, wish success to us here! Upvoted and following you now.


thnx a million.. wish you early success

good post like it and upvoted.
hope you will be


thnk you man.. upvoted back
what time of contents you post dude?

@kittocap Amazing Bio...so u r from Dehradun...I heard that it's an amazing place for vacation...is it true?


@rhn268 yoo man.. it's amazing in every way..
so when are you coming bro? contact me

Welcome to Steem, @kittocap!

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okay bro
come and flw me


sure.. what type of contents you post ?

@kittocap wellcome, I am also new,


not to worry together we will make it bigger. where are you from bro?


I am from near kolkata and u?

Wel come Mukesh. Follow me back


Don't worry.. it's done

Mukesh read my last blog. I think you would like it.


Your blog is so good.. very motivating
good luck..



thnk you bro.. plz vote me

Welcome Mukesh


thnk you @anna10
Are you cat lover ?

Welcome to the SteemIt cummunity. I hope you do well here :)


@rajmehta3007 of course dude.. together we will make it bigger and beautiful. wish you early success. your profie is so good.. where are you from ?