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Hello Steemit Community,

The STANDARTA.IO Сommunity
STANDARTA — humanitarian project.
The existing distribution of global wealth is unfair. Oxfam study found that 82% of global wealth created in 2017 went to 1% of the richest, while 50% of the poorest world’s population has not received anything from the created wealth.

Even this is not yet enough. There is a so-called Consumer Price Index (CPI) reflecting how much the price of the basket of essential goods and services in a particular currency has increased. All over the world, the value of the basket, and with it the CPI in all currencies is constantly increasing, so the purchasing power of the savings of the population in these currencies is constantly falling. With an increase in the CPI by 20%, you can buy 20% less on your savings. For example, in the USA, between 1984 and 2018, the CPI increased 2.49 times. This means that for 33 years the prices for essential products and services have increased by 2.49 times or by 149%. If 33 years ago, for $ 100 you bought 5 identical things and put them in the safe, then opening the safe today you would find in it only 2 of the 5 same things left there. Would you call it stealing? Who took the things from your safe? It is the world financial system! As you can see, the monetary policy of central banks and financial authorities leads to a loss of the purchasing power of your savings earned through a hard work. It makes you working just to keep alive until you die.

It turns out that making savings in US dollars or another fiat currency for old age makes no sense, because in 50 years, when you retire, on your savings made in your youth you can buy only 10% of what you could buy in your youth.

Whether people can offset the loss of purchasing power and achieve justice?

STANDARTA is a community of free cryptocurrency mining. Despite the fact that the community provides cryptocurrency mining for free, the currency that you mine for free, has the value of some of the purchasing power that the world financial system has taken from your savings and the savings of your relatives. If you are young and have not worked yet, consider that in this way you receive an inheritance from your parents who have worked all their life, but the purchasing power of their savings was not inherited by you because the world financial system unnoticeably erased it through a constant decrease in the purchasing power of savings.

STANDARTA launch is not ICO, but rather is FTM — Free Token Mining, thus allowing to create a Global community of cryptocurrency miners and owners, and allowing the cryptocurrency itself to become the currency of consumer payments and store of savings, that suffer no loss of the purchasing power.

By registering as a member of the STANDARTA community, you become a miner and the Community allows you to mine cryptocurrency for FREE. Each STANDARTA community miner has the right to a mine 11,000 thousand coins for free using STANDARTA equipment and software. The Community Agreement sets the value of each coin to 1 US dollar, and the value of all 11 000 coins at the time of mining is estimated at 11 000 USD.

Despite the fact that the cryptocurrency mining for each member of the community is free, the crypto currency brings to live the value of savings that you and your parents have lost due to the decline in the purchasing power of money. Do not be fooled again, do not give to others your coins cheaper than set by the Community Agreement — $ 1 for 1 coin!

Like coins of any fiat or cryptocurrency, the STANDARTA community’s crypto currency coins will sooner or later appear on the secondary market. However, access to the secondary market does not serve the purposes of enriching miners at the expense of others, it is needed for the seamless conversion of crypto coins into money that a particular point of sales accepts. The STANDARTA community does not have the goal of making coins cheaper or more expensive, the price of coins will depend entirely on community member's compliance with the "Community Agreement on the price" in the secondary market and on the coin’ purchasing power stabilization algorithms used.

Read about all the details at info@standarta.io

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