Beautiful love story

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A man got married to a very beautiful girl.After marriage, both of them were going through a lot of love.He used to love her so much and always used to praise her beauty. But after a few months the girl was suffering from skin disease. She grew up and slowly began to feel her beauty, she felt fear in her mind that if she became ugly, her husband would start hating him and he would not tolerate his hatred. Will find

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In the meantime, one day the husband had to go out of the city with some work, after finishing his job, when he was returning home, he got off the accident. He lost both his eyes in the accident. But despite this, both of them have normal methods of life Continuing with

Time passed and the girl completely lost her beauty due to her skin disease.He became ugly.But the blind husband did not know anything about this.That's why it did not have any effect on his happy married life. Like to love.

One day that girl's died.Pati was now alone.He was very sad.She wanted to leave that city.He completed all the funeral and started leaving the city.One man also Called him from the back and came closer and said, "Now how can you walk alone without support? For so many years your wife used to help you."

The husband replied, "I am not blind. I was just pretending to be blind.Because if my wife knew that I could see her ugliness, it would have hurt her more than her disease. I used to pretend to be blind for so many years.He was a very good wife.I just wanted to keep her happy. "

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Learning - To be happy, we must also close our eyes to each other's shortcomings and ignore those shortcomings.

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Wow! That was really beautiful story, just keep it up and thanks for sharing.

motivational and heart teaching story ..... and learn to be happy

Aww... Sweet and loving love story😊

wow i like this story...keep it up bro