Don't take life too seriously..

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Don't take life too seriously..

In our day to day life we see many people around us. No one is completely happy in their life. We are covered with many problems. There is a quote "be positive". It is easy to say but hard to apply. Assume that you have an urgent task to complete by today. But somehow you failed to do it. Again you try and again you failed. There is a time come when you start to loose every hope. Then negativity tries to come at peak, makes your life uneasy, will affect your other routine works also. But lets think, "we can only do efforts to make something happen, the result is not in our hand" so "don't take life too seriously". If it happens then it's good, if it is not then there is other good things to do just find one. "Don't spoil your today for tomorrow and don't spoil your tomorrow because of today....."



She faced many obstacles in life,
Sometimes tried to cut her identity through knife,

She knew nothing is stable, neither the happiness nor the sorrow,
That's why she took a step to prevent her life, destroying tomorrow.


When she didn't find the pleasure inside,
When it looked like this moat is too deep and wide,

God faced her towards the worst,
which didn't belong to her but to others,


Then she realized that they have too much pain which is more than her sorrow,
That's why she took a step to prevent her life, destroying tomorrow.

She finds that lost joy in the pain of others,
She never want to regret for the past's curse,


So she decides to live for strangers who look like family,
She comes out as their shinning savior which makes her free mentally,

Now Everyday she weaves a thought of begging for other's pain to borrow,
This became her first step to prevent her life, destroying tomorrow.


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Yes.. everyone knows that life must not be taken seriously but practical implication seems very tough

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#mohandhali Do you take life too seriously ?


Not at all bro

Hello Mohan

I like your photography so much.

You blog say great though.

I heard this same line by Ratan TaTa

He always say that don't live serious life.

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Thanks ..@ram.todkar ..m following u already

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The problem is that today more and more people live either in the past or in the future.

Learn to enjoy the present moment. That is the key to happiness.


Yes we should live in present only...

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Heart touching , sheer dedicated and hard work makes a man complete

Very good blog brother keep it up brother

@ mohandhali wow bro really very nice blog. seriously are you like freedom

Why so serious....!!!!!

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I think some times you have to leave serious