The new generation of Blockchain Technology-CREDITS

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In Blockchain there are some minor problems like low network capacity, high cost, volume of the saved data,smart contract restriction. To fix these problems credit introduced open Blockchain platform with internal Crypto currency and self-executing smart contracts.

There are some advanced services by credits:

  • More than one million transaction per second
  • Speed of transaction is 0.01 second for a operation performed
  • Very low cost of transaction is around 0.001 of USD
  • Advanced smart contracts platform


New Smart Contracts:


Credits provides financial Services in different sector some of there services are mention below:

  • Payments
  • Bank services like loans
  • Deposits
  • Cross border Inter bank payments
  • Trading operations
  • Exchanges and stocks

Recently the CEO & founder of credits Igor Chugunov and his team arrived in India for Singapore-Based Blockchain Platform Credits to Forge Blockchain Future of India Former President of the Republic of India Mr. Pranab Mukherjee welcomed Credits team in New Delhi. First week of June Credits Team meet the leading banks to present it use cases and discuss how project could be implemented.State bank of India confirms that blockchain can be replace all the conventional bank services.


Credits team have the solution to produce drastic change in banking sector by creating a common data source, real-time data acquisition, fee reduction, enhanced transparency of data input and editing, reduced expenses on know-your-client data processing and transfer, automatic bank account opening and other banking services with no middleman.

The Technologies behind the credits are:

  • Faster
  • More secure
  • more stable than other
  • New blockchain Asynchronous System
  • New consensus
  • Homomorphic encryption
  • Archiving
    They are using new smart contract technology like java language, SDK software development kit, Advance API. Credits already launched their beta version.
    The team behind Credits are very strong Igor Chugunov CEO & founder have huge experience in financial and banking project.
    ICO soft cap is 15 million USD and hard cap is 20 million USD their pre ICO & and ICO is completed and ICO hard cap reached 20 000 000 USD raised .

Due to Fast blockchain and very low fees CREDITS have large number of use cases and best for Business needs:

  • E-Government
  • Banking
  • Network
  • Gaming
  • Medical and healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Infrastructure management
  • Real estate
  • Smart home
    CREDITS token are already listed in exchanges Kucoin, and some other, When it will be list in some major exchanges like Binance, Octaex, Bittrex than we can see the huge fluctuation in price, Currently is around $ 0.27 my prediction is CREDITS will easily go up between $8 to $10 in the end of 2018. what is your opinion please do mention in comment section below.
    If you are interested in this project and thinking for investment than first of all do your own research because this is my thinking that it will be great project in future, Their concept is very clear from my point of view and go for further research on this project for better understanding you can check out their websites link
    please upvote and Leave comment with your views about CREDITS.
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credits is ico ya token ?


Its a token

totally game changing crypto

Does it also get hack?


its highly secured project ..

all this kinda stuff will hack ??


according to technology ...i dont think it will hacked easily

@mohandhali bro blockchain technology India me slowly use ho ne lagi he ...

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very good

blockchain is now baby he is growing up day by day .. and blockchain seeing and learning new thinks one day blockchain young then whole world will see . and love .. it

No doubt CREDITS is a very strong coin. I strongly feel that there will be bullish movement in the coming days

Yes this will be great coin of future.

Nice info you shared with drawback of block chin over come through credit.

Credits..... Go for it...

informative post. have a good day

Blockchain is the future.

Is there any rule or regulation to launch token in before coin?
By the way one of great informative blog.


Credits is a great coin sure it will rise

Credit is new idea
It cannot beat bitcoin

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Lets see which think can happen this ico in future

Will do some research on this

when company comes with a solution its will up 100%

i won prove of love of Sparkster and it patnership with creadit

Great to know about credits

good work

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Credit is very promising project

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What r the benefits of it?

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Wow very fast earning please help me

@mohandhali Good stuff my friend. Good to know about Credits. Keep sharing good stuff.