There Is Only You For Being Sad…

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There Is Only You For Being Sad…


“Sometimes we give the control of our life to someone else , which makes them more stable and ourselves unbalanced … But we should not forget that no one can play our role better than us .. so “don’t change, be yourself ” even if it costs dissociation from the world .”


I know, I don’t want to choose anyone except you;
But I am not like those girls who stand for you in a queue;

I know you are extremely cool and I am incredibly mad;
Because there are many reasons to be happy and there is only you for being sad;


Nothing can be big than my self-respect;
I can’t bear your eyes watching me in suspect;

I will not swallow myself because of you, Oh! it’ s your bad;
Because there are many reasons to be happy and there is only you for being sad;


How can you use someone like a toy;
How you become so important who crushed my bunch of joy;

Scratches, wounds, pain, hate are no more the things in which I am clad;
Because there are many reasons to be happy and there is only you for being sad;


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@mohandhali I think people should appreciate their life because you are not living for someone else, I know that everyone has their love but the first priority of love is yourself. "Thank you such an amazing blog"

Sad man always dangerous


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#mohandhalivery Do you really like Sad Quotes?


Yes .. sometimes i like sad quotes

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It's really gresome when we give control of our lives to others

You artical touches to my heart

You have written exact feeling .

Nice article with combination of good picture.

It's perfect.

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Be happy always


Yes too

“Standing alone is better than standing with people who don’t value you"

@mohandhali hey bro why are you post sad quotes?


Do u want me to change this type of quotes??

good emotion bro, i am blowing, after read this artical

No one play our role better than us really well said don't forget to check out my blog


yeah sure bro

Very well said "No one else can play our role". So be the person you are.

Really nice heart touching lines 😍

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@mohandhali Really touchy article my friend..