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I am the only one who can cover oceans for you;
This is mah! heart whose beats skipped for you;
For me your eyes works as a solution of wine;
Then why do you say that "you are not mine"??!


This quality time that we spent together;
I just again want to forget myself in your love's weather;
If i am ready to do this pleasureful crime;
Then why do you say that "you are not mine"??


I was always there when you felt sad;
Only you are not seeing my eyes are red;
I wept whole day for this feeling which is prime;
Then why do you say that "you are not mine"??


Just go in that world which is full of luxury;
I failed to make you understand my heart's summary;
My love isn't so cheap which can sell with unlimited dimes;
Now its my time to say that "you are not mine"??


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What are trying to say with this post can you tell me in detail


there is something hidden brother not go into details, read it and try to understand what these lines want to say....

that was brilliant
enjoy it

Words with true meanings; isn't it


yes all words have there true meanings ...

Nice thoughts


thanks ...@moneyoption

Best line is ""If i am ready to do this pleasureful crime;
Then why do you say that "you are not mine"?


thanks for reading !!

Nice lines...

wow..!! bhai poem toh sahi hai ab mai bhi try karunga thankz bhai


sure bro... thnks for reading

My love isn't so cheap which can sell with unlimited dimes;
Now its my time to say that "you are not mine"
This is best for me


yeah .. i like too the same

Hi Mohan ,

Nice poem and picture are matching .

You are poet?
Are you write songs as well?


thanks iam not a lyricist...

Great lines

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I'm not mining

nice mohan good keep it up

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thanks for upvote

@mohandhali such a beautiful poem bro! Words just Wow Appreciated!

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Heart touching lines 👍👍 liked it

you are not mine ?? hmm true

nice post..

Nice blog bro tq u keepit up

Your the romantic writer one lol.


is this a complement???

@mohandhali bro all pictures sab alag alag situation baya kar rahi he..


To tume psnd aaya ki nhi..

sometimes we cant express everything inside us, nice quotation-lines touched my heart, we should love and respect that i have.


Yes definitely ...and what we have inside us we should express to someone

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Nice poetry

Nice lines bro

Such a heart touching thoughts.
Is all written by you with your heart feeling ?


This feelings belongs to someone who is very close to me ... Yeah u can say that its my feelings too

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