Saturn's Largest Moon Titan might host simple Alien life Forms

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Titan has lakes and seas full of liquid methane.

This liquid methane evaporates at extremely high temperatures. It forms clouds and rain of liquid methane, causing methane rainstorms. Methane changes from gas to a -117F(-83C).

-->On Titan, the surface temperature reaches -290F. Which allows methane to be found in its liquid form.

--> Clouds of methane ice and cyanide gas float over the moon's surface.


-->Titan is the only other world in the solar system that has stable liquids on its surfaces. Almost 2% of Titan's surface is covered in liquid.

--> It has hundreds of times more natural gas and other liquid hydrocarbons than all the known oil and natural gas reserves on Earth.

--> Scientists discovered the presence of 3 large seas and numerous lakes on Titan.


--> The second largest body of liquid on Titan's surface is called Ligeia Mare. It has been found to be almost a pure methane sea

--> Titan is the largest of Saturn's 60 known moons. It is considered of the leading candidates to host life beyond Earth.

-->Acrylonitrilie was recently discovered in the upper atmosphere of Titan.


--> Acrylonitrile is a molecule that forms cell-like membranes. Previously, scientists investigated which molecules can make cell-like membranes. And identified acrylonitrile, the same molecule discovered on Titan, as the best candidate.

--> This molecule could be used to form a protective sphere that shields the cell. The cell membranes are the outer layer of a cell that creates a tiny enclosed environment.

--> It allows biochemical reactions to take place within the cell. As well as protect all the vital parts of the cell such as the nucleus. Due to the fact that it rains on Titan.

--> Scientists believe there might be a large amount of acrylonitrile in Titan's lakes and seas. This has not led to any discoveries of life on Titan.

But its presences indicates that life could exist in one Titan's many lakes and seas.




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