Cardano And Google Going Into A Crypto Partnership ?

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A recent meeting took place between the founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, and Google’s team from their headquarters in London, to discuss Cardano (ADA) and the algorithm that its blockchain uses, called Ouroboros.

Cardano’s CEO visits Google’s London headquarters
According to recent reports, the CEO of the company called IOHK, and the founder of a popular cryptocurrency called Cardano (ADA), Charles Hoskinson, has been invited to answer questions at Google’s headquarters in London. The invitation included the Director of Engineering at IOHK, Duncan Coutts.

Together, the two talked about various topics, including the future of cryptos, blockchain technology, and its potential use. After the meeting, Hoskinson and Coutts held a Q&A with an audience, centered on these technologies. In their speech, the two paid special attention to the potential and fundamentals of Cardano’s special consensus protocol called Ouroboros.

Details of the meeting
The first reports of the meeting came from a tweet posted by Cardano itself. In this tweet, Cardano stated that Charles Hoskinson was invited by Google to talk about ADA, its blockchain, and the future of cryptos. This tweet was later deleted.

However, IOHK published a blog post in which they stated that many Google employees from around the world were interested in hearing the presentation and that they had a lot of questions for IOHK representatives. The questions were well-thought-out and precise, not to mention informed and incisive, which is only to be expected from the company that has set stringent standards in modern technology.

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Ahmed Rahi

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This looks like the world is more openly accepting the blockchain technology. If Google accepting then most of biggest it firm will be moving ahead and accepting the blockchain technology. And of course, this is good news for crypto lovers like me.


thanks for your Opinion.

Woww.. this is a very good news for crypto future ..
Cardano to the moon ..


yes. Cardano going to the moon.
thanks for your Opinion.


Ur welcome

Good News for crypto


yes. thanks for your Opinion.