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To tell even a simple story well requires some practice. An uneducated person generally tells a tale badly. He does not mentally look ahead as he tells it and plans it out. So he repeats himself, omits important items, which he drags in afterwards out of place, and dwells too long on minor details and fails to emphasise the leading points. To write a good story, you must have the whole plot clear in your mind, and the main points arranged in their proper order.


In this blog, you are not asked to make up a story. The plot of each story is given to you, more or less fully, in the outlines provided. But an outline is only a skeleton; it is your work to clothe the skeleton with flesh and breathe life into it. You must try to produce a connected narrative and to make it as interesting as you can.

As has been already said, see that you have a clear idea of the plot of the story in your mind before you began to write. The important thing in your story should be to use dialogue or conversation where possible but be careful to make it natural and interesting and the conclusion of a story is important. The whole story should be made to lead up to it naturally, and then it should come as a bit of surprise. The title or heading of the story, you may choose the main character, object or incident of the story or, a proverb or well-known quotation that suits the story(e.g., "No pains, no gains," etc.)
See that your composition is grammatical and idiomatic and in good simple English. Revise your work, and if necessary rewrite it, until it is as good as you can make it.


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be made to lead up to it naturally - I agree with this and I also know how hard it is. Sometimes, even if you have the whole story in your mind, it's hard to put it in the right words an make it flow naturally so that the reader doesn't feel you're faking it. However, if you're really into writing, this process should simply come naturally, if not in the beginning, at least later, as you practice more cause, in the end, only practice makes perfect.