Why Unemployment in India is increasing day by day

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Today we are going to talk about problem which every Indian Student faces. This problem is related to Unemployment which is increasing day by day . In this article I am going to tell why this problem is increasing.
If you didn't pass out from IIT or top colleges then you would not get good Job. This is fact Now you can ask me that most of the Colleges show 100% Placement at time of Admission. Yes this is right their Placement are 100% . So the question is this that if most of the colleges give you 100% Placement then why in India Unemployment is increasing day by day .
Do you know which type of Job student get after these Colleges 80% of the job is B.P.O Job and I think we are known what is B.P.O Job . If you don't know what is B.P.O then search it on google you will know about it. That is why many Student after getting these Job don't do this Job because YOU can get B.P.O job with you 12 score. So what is a difference between a 12 student and a graduate student if they will get same job. and you will never achieve what you want to achieve in carrier if you do this JOB.

Now If Gov. know these colleges are not good for providing good knowledge and good Job after getting degree from that Colleges so why Gov. don't take any action against them why They don't shut these type of colleges so that student will not confuse to choose colleges why colleges not show their True placement .
Now one more thing most student after getting their degree with some good Colleges from their trade they don't do their trade related Job and they fill some sucking Gov. job forms like Lekpal,Jmadar, bdo, bank clerk and even some student do BTC and B.ed for getting Gov. job this also increase number of applicants in any gov. job which down other people morale and they don't give their best which can also be a part of increasing Unemployment ......

what you people think tell me in comment if you have any-other explanation for this ?

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Yes you are right its a big problum

you are right.our country is main problem faces to student.


As a student you have to choose your right path

You are right bro.. Most of people are unemployed now and employers can't afford high salaried employees becuse of market competition and low profit margin.. The government and economical condition is responsible for unemployment of freshers.

Very true

Brother this all matter the money...
Now days education level is going down n down.

As we all know that technology is growing exponentially, but in contrast to that our education is growing with a slope of as you see in the diagram below. I cannot say about other countries, but this is what I have seen in my country, a hard to swallow truth.



yes brother i have also seen this

Unemployment is a very big problem for our country. When a student not find the job after completing the study, unfortunately choosing the wrong way to earn money


yes and they do crime

The major reason i think is young generation. Good for nothing. Need easy ways n readily cooked things.


yes but this harm their future bro

Simply bro... They should take precautions.

It needs to be controlled.