Bitcoin Price is not growing , Layman's look up and I need to Learn from Expert comments

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I am not any expert in Crypto currencies , not at all know much about how to predict or guess abut falling bitcoin price , just was searching expert opinions.
Chart Analysts try to predict on trending and averages , those are not 100% accurate , or its never claimed by them as a positive prediction as that's not possible in reality
My Idea as a complete layman is

  1. Common people are losing interest in Bitcoin investment worldwide, as the recent long term crash is spreading negativity.

  2. In many Countries including our India , Governments are trying to spread feeling in insecurity in common people about bitcoin , and I think they are taking advantage of lack of detail knowledge about bitcoin investment future. and trying to show us the risky aspects of Bitcoin as its a digital currency, they are successful with help of media to spread negativity.

  3. Governments are are afraid of the Idea that Decentralized Financial system may take over and replace present form of centralized Financial systemand thus Governments will no more be able to manipulate Financial status of common people by printing Money to take away the actual value of money down whenever they need to.

  4. Short term investors are falling into panic state and selling out Bitcoin even with big loss

  5. Giant and long term investors are just manipulating market by big sells when market is trying to recover and thus creating down fall in price to go for buying at new low price time . such situations create big volatility , common people are getting afraid of this Volatile nature of market.

Why Bitcoin will Finally be winner
Simplest reason is , Bitcoin has its limited Maximum supply , and will face ever increasing demand, Price is bound to grow with time even with highest volatility in price are found, so key factor is patience , it will always try to go high with major and minor corrections those are inevitable

Bitcoin being decentralized currency will remain out of touch of any Government , no one can take our bitcoin from us by any implemented Ban and Rules.
Blockchain Technology is in the Onset of its Unlimited possibilities , its like Internet with unlimited future feature to be implemented , and its acceptance world wide will be a definite feature , which we can not disagree ever.

Experts are expected to add their valuable comments , to enrich my knowledge , so Comments are Highly Expected.bitcoin-3215559_1920.jpg

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