There are 10 people in the world who have the highest Bitcoins!

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1- Satoshi Nakamoto-Satoshi is also known as the bitcoin. It does not matter which bitcoin it is. They have 1.1 million bitcoins.

2-Bulgaria - These come in second place in the world, who have 213519 bitcoins. Bitcoin has been kept from a very long period of time.

3-Bitfinex- It is the owner of a lot of exchanges; many exchanges on which trading is done, such as Bittrex ,Polonic, etc. It is the person who holds the third highest bid quoin of the world. They have 163133 bitcoins.

4-The FBI - this is a feederad. Which is the fourth place in the world. They have 144,000 bitcoins.

5-The Winklevoss Twins - This is Jamini's CO who comes to fifth place, he has the largest bitcoin in the world, he has 1.5 billion bitcoins.

6-Gavin Andresen - These come in sixth place in the world. Who have 200,000 bitcoins.

7-Roger Ver- They come to the seventh place in the world, they also have a large amount of dietetic surgeon and they have stored bitcoin for a long time.

8-Barry Silbert - This is the eighth person to have a bitcoin in the world, who has 48,000 bitcoins.

9-Charlie shrem -This is the youngest person who had purchased Bitcoin at the age of 22 and has stored it near him. He is the number one person in the world, who holds the world's largest bitcoin.

10-Tony Gallipi-This is the owner of BitPay online mode. In the online worlds, bitcoin is transferred to multiple folds, one of them is the mode of BitPay online mode. Tony Gallippi is the person who holds the tenth number of bitcoin in the world. They have lots of bitcoins.

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