Why are some people looking for trouble?

3년 전

That sounds like someone with rage issues. They are trying to create situations that they can convince themselves are un-avoidable, and therefore give themselves an (often) physical outlet for their anger and rage.

I’m not sure I’ve seen too many instances of these people being “surprised” that other have a different view -- or that others will actually defend themselves and their views. They are looking for a fight no matter how you look at it - so someone wanting to defend their own position works fine for them too.

It’s also often a juvenile behavior that is associated with kids attempting to push into adult territory. By force at times. Some say this is literally part of our programming. That the purely primitive part of our brains triggers this behavior during puberty.

But you see it in plenty of adults too, so immaturity? Or lack of impulse control? Could be many things honestly. The only thing I can tell you for sure is, if you spot someone like that - give them a mighty wiiiiiiiiiiide berth.

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