9 Ways To Attract Your Crush Without Saying A Single Word

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You may not know this but body language plays a big part in attracting the woman you’ve been crushing on and make her see a completely different side to you. If there ever was a tip I’d blatantly give to men to attract women, it would definitely be the correct use of body language, before anything else. That’s because before you approach a woman and start a conversation with her, she has already studied your body language and partly made up her mind about you. So, you see, your approach can go either way.

Here are some hacks you can use to make your body language a lot more attractive towards women:

Always Face Her
If you see someone you’re interested in, always face her. If you turn away from her, it shows a sign of disengagement and non-interest. Obviously, when you’re talking to her, you have to face her but don’t turn around once you’re done talking. Just generally turn towards her direction, so she is subconsciously aware of your presence and your interest.

Hold A Strong Posture
Women are naturally attracted to strong confident men. Since inherently women look at men as protectors and usually gauge their exterior and the way they contain themselves is. Always hold your posture and stand straight. Don’t slouch or hunch and seem too relaxed. This gives off a sense of defeat and anxiety to the woman, like you’ve given up. Stand tall and look confident.

Make Eye Contact Whenever You Can
If you make good eye contact, you don’t have to say much to get her to like you or find you interesting. Eyes are like the tongue of the mind and they help establish a good amount of contact before you start a conversation. Make sure though, you don’t start staring at her creepily, while making eye contact. Keep her within your gaze, but look away time to time.

Your Shoulders Talk Too
If your shoulders are slumped, you mostly look bored, uninterested, nervous and scared. None of that is attractive for a woman. In fact, it’s far off from attractive. Push back your shoulders and you will instantly look really confident. Maybe raise your shoulders a couple of times? That’s an indication of how sweet and sensitive you can be.

Stand Your Ground, Literally
During a conversation, if she leans forward or takes a step towards you, don’t back away. Either move forward in her direction or stand your ground! If you move back, she may think you’re not interested or you’re a bit closed, and she might withdraw thereon.

Eyebrows Are A Give Away
Many of you didn’t know this but your eyebrows play a big part in how women perceive your body language. If you raise them too high, while in a conversation with her, you might seem too rude. If they’re raised too low, you might seem annoyed. If you don’t raise them at all, you’ll obviously seem bored, with that stoic expression on your face. Make sure to know how to emote through your eyebrows. Just raise them enough so she knows you’re genuinely interested in what she’s saying.

Don’t Force A Smile
Sometimes you may need to force a smile in order to show you’re having fun in a conversation. In many cases that can backfire because while women may be talking, they’re always paying attention to your face and the expression. Fostering a fake smile, can be a drastic give away through your eyes. A genuine smile or a laugh lights up your eyes but a fake one, leaves the eyes as they are, not making it a part of the rest of your face.

Lips Are Sexual
There might be undeniable sexual chemistry between the two of you and if you really want to establish that, you should touch your lips often, when you’re talking to her. Lips are the first sexual connection you’ll have with a woman. When you touch or lick your lips subtly, she instantly gets drawn to them. So if you want her to kiss you, be discreet about touching your lips and don’t do it too often. That’s just creepy.

She Notices You As Your Fix Yourself
If you’re adjusting your hair or clothes around her she’ll naturally know you’re interested in her since you’re taking the trouble to groom yourself, right in front of her. Obviously, it makes her realise that you’re interested in her. It also shows her that you care about your appearance and you like taking care of yourself. So if you get a chance, fix yourself in front of her, do it. Maybe fix your tie or your hair or even your shirt. Don’t do it often though. Once is enough but make sure she’s looking!

Studying body language is a completely different science altogether and it’s fairly noticeable if you really pay attention. Body language also makes auto suggestions in one’s mind, and stays in the subconscious. That’s when one decides whether or not the person is worth the attention. It’s a subtle art but it’s very important and once you have all the gestures down to the T, you have your chance to attract the girl you’ve been crushing on!

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