“History of India is nothing but the battle between Buddhism and Brahmanism.” – Dr. B R Ambedkar.

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In India, the so called followers of Hinduism are gullible masses, those are following Brahmanism in sugar coated Hinduism. From generation to generation Brahmans have spread crooked stories to befool masses and keep Dalit-Bahujans following Brahmanical culture without even knowing what they are following and doing.

All these Brahmanical crooked stories have made such a psychological impact that people are bound to follow these rituals without knowing the reality behind these fraudulent stories.

Hindus say “Light lamps and Laxmi (money) will flow into your house.” How it can be possible that lighting candles will make money to come? (All it would do is pollute the environment but nothing else) If lighting candles make people rich then people who are living in remotest areas, people who don’t have access to electricity since years would have been millionaire or billionaire by now, as they use candles for lighting purpose throughout the whole year!

Jawaharlal Nehru in his book “Discovery of India” (page no. 204-5) writes that the festivals like Holi, Diwali and Dussehra are imitation of the Greek festivals. At page no. 235, Nehru explains that the Brahmins are not a caste but an organisation who would offer their daughters for the guests. At page no. 37, he states “Hinduism as a faith is vague, amorphous, many sided, all things to all men. It is hardly possible to define it, or indeed to say definitely whether it is a religion or not, in the usual sense of the word. In its present form, and even in the past, it embraces many beliefs and practices, from the highest to the lowest, often opposed to or contradicting each other.”
Here are the few facts and realities of Diwali festival:
On this day Great Gana king (tribal) Bali was murdered by Waman- a Brahman. If people do want to celebrate this day, celebrate it on the name of King Bali, a Bahujan virtuous king and remember his contribution.

Another fact is Bhikhu Mahamodgalyayan was murdered by Brahmans on this day.
One more thing to note is after the murder of thousands Buddhists in the rule of Pushyamitra Shung, this day was celebrated as “Eekadashi“. Pushyamitra killed many Buddhists monks, destroyed Buddha Vihars, burnt Buddhist literature in 200 BC. During his times many Buddhist places were converted in Hindu temples. What you wanna celebrate – murders of our fore-fathers or rapes of our women on the religion?
It is also believed that when aryans came to India from Egypt through Iran, China they brought their culture with themselves and the so called “Hindu Vedas” are imitation of Egypt and Iranian books with little bit changes in the rules.
“Ram” on the name of which this festival is celebrated is a fictitious character, even Supreme Court of India has denied the existence of so called “Ram”, and so is there any logic behind celebrating his name? Many scholars do agree that “Pushyamitra Shung” was the so called “Ram Chandar” who imposed inhuman laws on Dalit-Bahujans and stopped their progress. It is also believed that Ramayana was written during his time to befool non Brahmans.
So called “Ram” (Pushyamitra Shung?) killed Shudra rishi – Shambuk, who was practicing meditation. He was killed just because he was from lower caste and lower caste people weren’t allowed to meditate.

Hindus worship Laxmi — Goddess of Money but a recent survey showed that still 70% Indians live on the daily income of Rs.20, what to eat and what to wear? In all other developed countries such as USA, UK etc there are no god and goddess such as Saraswati or Laxmi but still people are literate and rich as compared to Indians. Hindus have embossed the mental slavery, which have shut down all doors of rational thinking. Should I consider crackers before blasting them? There is increase in Asthma patients by 15% every year because of the air pollution, by spending thousands on crackers we are doing nothing but increasing Asthma patients. The problem with Brahmans (Hinduism) is that they can never be rational and ready to be literate. All such festivals make the Indian heritage rich with poor people rather sl aves meant for slavery.

“Diwali” is nowhere mentioned in Ramayana of Rishi Valmiki. But term Diwali find place in Jain books and exact dates are mentioned in Jain scriptures. As Buddha Purnima is celebrated, the day of enlightenment of Lord Buddha same way in Jainism “Diwali” is a day of nirvana of Lord Mahavira. But now a day’s whole motive and real facts have vanished in time and gullible people are celebrating it with different motive such as earning money, doing business and misguiding innocent people.
All the fallacious stories – gateway to establish Brahmanical culture – and allied fests look harmless when taken carelessly, but in reality these mythical stories are deadliest weapon to destroy Dalit-Bahujans culture and to impose Brahmanical culture. Once Dalit-Bahujans will lose their identity, they’ll not have any other option but to follow the imposed Brahmanical culture. Hence, we must immediately discard the Hindu rituals, ceremonies, pilgrimages, and festivals those have made us slaves and we should follow the 22 vows given by Dr. B R Ambedkar if we really want see Dalit-Bahujans live with pride and dignity.
Mr. KOVENA rightly said in his book named “The Hidden History” (page no. 19) that “Hindu means thief in Persian language and Hinduism mean country of thieves, Hindus feel proud of being thief.” Stop being trapped in the fake pride.

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