Tron Enjoyed Independence By Burning And Saying Goodbye to Ethereum

2년 전

Tron finally moved out of the ethereum, Justin Sun Founder of Tron network recently twitter saying goodbye to the ethereum network and thanks to being a part for such a long time.

Tron was on before on the ethereum blockchain, such token was named as ERC20 tokens. Tron was one of these with ethereum as a platform.

The urging platform expansion pushing Tron to consider its own platform where it will be independent and can work on developing their technology expansions.

The Tron Independence is done by burning the existing coin and introducing the new TRON coin to the holders.

Why Tron Foundation Burning Coin?

Buring coin will remove the token from the total supply. Coin burn encourages a fair distribution of the cryptocurrency, help to control inflation and reward token holders. According to this, consequently, Tron Foundation can mark a new stage for the network.

Sesameseed, is the first community to issue token and also burning TRON at first.

The Hodlers and the community including founder, are very excited and looking forward to the great future for the technology and expansion of the network. The development team reaching out for several projects acquiring to withstand along the Tron, making the technology strengthen and sustainable growth.D5B36A59-81BE-483B-82D9-D7569E6F9350.jpeg

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