Who is adsactly? Well lets know whats this post about

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A man is so angry over this man and warning him to take a legal action. Now whats the topic no one knows but when i asked him, he messaged me all through his voice against adsactly.
Now lets see what did he said:-

We are taking legal process against you and also here to inform steem community what one of their high ranking members do for a living right now, and has been for ten years.images.png

I am terrified but I have to speak out about this monster that took our bitcoins and gave us worthless untradeable shares and securities in Adsactly which is not a company, but a website that the owner of that website run. When I saw that they have set up shop on STEEM, I have gathered guts to front this and you all better back me up here!!

So 4 years ago, get introduced to this Micah Wallace from Canada, CEO of Adsactly, we video skyped back and forth until we had paid him 10 bitcoins to invest for us, in return we got adsactly shares on the now defunkt HZ platform while other people in the same situation as us

First I sent 10 Bitcoins to him, then he made an offer to pay me more shares if I got my brothers in on the deal too, so they put in 5 each, so we are all four of us now 25 Bitcoins deep into Adsactly, right?

We email back and forth from time to time, but then he must go because he has new people to lure into his little spiderweb that is just him, no company, no organisation, just Micah Wallace.

Adsactly is a 1 person ponzi scheme
Yes I understand, I need to have some serious balls to come out to say this knowing that I will be flagged by him or his current supporters (those who dont invest, work)

The burden of Proof is what Micah Wallace are asked in court why he, a private canadian citizen living at his parents house, still helping them in a business they have together.

So a few weeks ago, we met another group of investors in EOS that also had been lured into the same type of aquisitions under false pretens as we had bought into.

Since he had kept it so 1on1 or 2 of him and 1 of us communicates and we a long time ago found out that Micah divides his sheep into two flocks, one of them to be slaughtered now and the other to be slaughtered later.

Prove that Adsactly is legit - Adsactly!
Our lawyers who guide us has suggested that we take Micah Wallace to COURT in CANADA which is something we can do alone, and would under normal cases he would be filed under securities fraud, mail fraud, and many other charges as we soon met up with someone else that had been lured into adsactly and their friends and from there we are now 67 people who have put in a total of 545 Bitcoins - Were did the 545 Bitcoins go? nobody knows, if you ask Mr. Wallace he will say everything is fine and the stock is up, but he never pays us any dividends as promised nor can we trade his security issued on the HZ platform and also on two other platforms that just makes this all so much more confusing, but imagine everyone who has invested in Adsactly owns 100% of Adsactly.com and portfolio, which value is made up by Micah Wallace and never documented.

How much has he ripped you off for?? adsactly.creditors@gmail.com
In writing moment we have almost 80 men, women, and companies that have put enormous amounts into Adsactly, and when we know that he 1) never pays us anything 2) He is not a company, so no books to keep, right? 3) 80 today, 160 tomorrow?

We can only speculate how many more people he is using and seeing some now also work as a writer of stuff for him on steemit is just what he does to hook more investors on skype the next day showing all the steem articles and wow and wow!

How to get on the list of creditors? email: adsactly.creditors@gmail.com
since we already have so many creditors already a class action will be due against Mr. Wallace for mismanaging our funds, lying, losing and under reporting after finding out that he spend investors money for whatever he wants or feels like, and he is STILL doing it - right now, here on steemit!!

right now we all pay $100 each and the more we are the less we pay each so what I am doing here is to ask you to send an email to adsactly.creditors@gmail.com with your story, amount or cheap labor?

If YOU work for Adsactly, You Too must contact us with your story and make sure nothing leaks to anyone because who you work for now can make YOU go to jail when HE goes to jail, which he will.
If you are poor, Micah abuse you because you are poor, so he let you do work for him and pay some hundred dollars a day to 10-12 people. You do not have to say anything in public, our email address is shared between myself my brothers and our law firm so Please contribute with real information.

We have put $1000 into Steem so that we can trend this post and reach out to you!
Adsactly the Community VS Adsactly the Investors

so the way this scam works is that he makes this illusion of adsactly almost being a religious entity that must only be worshipped. He once told my brother for fun or for real that if he said a bad word about Adsactly his investment would be forgotten about, so that is how he holds a bond between himself and investors with money.

Away PewPew, Daddy Micah has business calls to make
Looking at #adsactly and @adsactly after spending 3 weeks just lurking in his discord we have mapped out pretty good who is on the payroll of Micah Wallace, and you may think you are doing something good - but you are actually just helping HIM look better when he calls the next person with money, bitcoins or litecoins - If he has been luring people into this empty hole of a mistake for a decade.

We estimate that as much as 10,000 Bitcoins can have been sent to Micah Wallace over the past 6 years, individuals from all around the world.
Thankfully Crypto is not so big yet and it was relatively easy to make a list of people on steem that works for Micah Wallace/Adsactly - and now it is your duty to inform your other co-workers so that you can make a public quit statement of some sort or just keep gathering more information about more people who are in the same situation as us all.

So, whatever you want to share with us, now you have an email to contact us on. We will of course not ask you any sensitive questions only gathering information before InterPol has subpenas to make in Canada, South Africa, Australia and other English speaking countries were Micah Wallace have

We have two lawfirms who both have reading rights for all incoming email on this email address adsactly.creditors@gmail.com <<<< copy/paste write subject write text, if you have screenshots, video or anything to share now is the time to do it. If you are poor and he has abused you for labor let us know, if you are investor looking for your money, send us an email.

Lawfirm Allen & Overy and Lawfirm Baker & McKenzie
why 2 lawfirms? because when we found another group of investors that also had been ripped off financially, they had also a lawfirm that wants to do the class action, so to save time and fast forward we decided to keep both law firms on the same job to gather more data and mapping international and national laws he has brokenimages.png

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