How to increase mileage of bikes .....🏍️🏍️🏍️

4년 전
Petrol prices have increased significantly in the last few days. Now it is has became expensive to travel around with own vehicle. That's why people are looking for ways to increase the mileage of their bikes. Today, what we are exactly going to tell you, So lets check out how to increase mileage of bike.
  1. Keep the bike's spark plug clean 
  • sometimes the bike's spark plug gets dirty, due to which the bike starts to smoke. Its directly impacts on the bike's mileage. The dirty spark plug does not burn fuel and air mix well. Therefore, the way to avoid this situation is to keep the spark plug clean. Apart from this, there are also twin head spark plugs available in the market that fully exploit the fuel. These will help to increase the mileage of bike.

         2.  Put the bike on low RPM 

  • keep the RPM of bike minimum. If the bike's race is high then it will consume more fuel. Avoid using race too much.

         3. Keep air filter clean 

  • The air in the engine goes through these filters. If these filters get dirty then the engine does not get enough air. This also affects the performance of the bike and the mileage. It is therefore necessary to keep the air filters clean on regular basis.

         4. Apply Gear according to speed 

  • Right speed and applying gear on time increases bike mileage. If you ride a bike at a higher speed in smaller gear, then it put negative impacts on engine and resultant mileage of the bike get reduced.

                                                                                     MALAV PATEL
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