Binance Coin Boom Expectations, BNB Coin Burn Incoming ( Price Update )

4년 전


With the market cap of around $1.6B ib this bearish market,BNB is floating around the price of $14. The token is amogest the top popular tokens with investors and believers is about to skyrocket very shortly.
for those who don't know BNB is an ERC20 based token which works on the etherium blockchain and offerd by world's popular cryptocurrency exchange binance.

BNB Price Predictions
so far binance coin (BNB) has played against by ignoring the bearish market, and shown uptrend of their price. the growing popularity of the exchange is directly linked with the demand of the token. And with more the purchase going less the supply will boom the price within a short span making the coin more valuable.
tell me friends what do you think about BNB price ? tell by reply

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Yes!! I think that BNB will go up. Binance is really a great exchange!
It's my favorite one like a lot of people. Even in this market the mouvement of coins continues and the "good exchanges" tokens will be more and more value: Binance, Kucoin, Huobi...


yes steemains i agree with u, this is one the best coin bcoz at this moment you can see the market all the coins moving badly in downtrade and where BNB is stable his position with $12.75.