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Hello friends myelf Pari i am from india delhi want to introduce my self
My journey starts with very struggling phase i am an engg guy but as you know after 2011 for engginering student resiccion start so i join a finance indutry now work as a Charted Accouuntant,
i have lots of responsbiliy in family also i do partly help to poor people and cild they dnt have money and want to be do something inovative
In part time i am doing work as a freelancer and gaving coaching to those students who dont have enough money to study
i want to make a Shelter for all those poor people
All of you need to do Support me for this
i am not mch old i am only 26 but want to do something special fou our country
this one is my work locationIMG-20180620-WA0002.jpgIMG_20161119_131740.jpg
for every one i need one request to kindly suggest me how we grow in stemit please our senior support me for growing in steemit
if i grow then those poor people also grow allof you bleesed with god for helping others
if you read kindly suggest how we grow and upvote me
thanks all steemit user thanku so much all of you

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Interesting post like it and upvoted.
hope you will do the same thanks....


yes buddy thanksfor upvoting me

can you tell me how to grow in steemit?

Welcome , just enjoy this platform, and continue sharing your story.


thanks buddy can u share more tipshow to grow?


There are many ways, 1st make sure the content of your blog is interesting, or informative.

Interesting story. You deserve more than that. Keep it up the great work. One day you will achieve success. Best of luck


thanks for upvoting me

nice introduction post.


thanks buddy

May you be succeeded in your pure intentions. Best of luck.