A trip to Fairy Meadows, Northern Areas, Pakistan

3년 전

First of all I would like to share with u Gus that I love adventure and travel in his country and around the world. Last year me and my friends decided to go Fairy Meadows and other areas (Other Areas experience will share later).
So, we go from Islamabad to Fairy Meadows by road, lovely weather, good friends, and lots of enjoyment.

I have also shared some pictures of Fairy Meadows.

Share good places in your areas, city, country. We are adventurous and have craze for travel of beautiful places.images (4).jpegimages (5).jpeg

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Your all picture is very good
I like it

Travelling gives peace to mind.. We must take off our precious time and used in adventure and travelling. Good post.


Travelism is a University. We learn also through Travel.

we love pakistan... it is all beautiful... kashmir banega pakistan

Nice place in Pakistan. We want more beautiful place in Pakistan. Well done bro


Thanks , I will be share through time to time ☺️

Such a beautiful place in pakistan brother..When u can show us these real views...u can send more brother


Bro. U r always welcome ☺️

Nature is loving always

Please follow me guy....

And please upvote and comment on my post.

I will do the same thing.


Thats Amazing
Thats Called the Beauty of Nature😍😍

Maybe it's Himalaya . That why it's looking so good


Yes. A beautiful place of Himalayan.

its sounds good to visit

Beautiful photos and in which country it is? Please just check my photos too I believe you will love my photos.


This place belong my country, Pakistan ☺️