Happiness - A State !

4년 전

Happiness found in the fraction of second and gone in seconds before we wanted to catch hold it, is it real happiness. Then what is happiness, is it an interstate nothing to do with the conditions, is this type of state possible? Why we all born as human beings, not like other animals? Are we thinking that nature is a fool?

There are N numbers of fundamental questions came into the mind of human beings. Somebody finds happiness in giving charity, someone by achieving something materialistic objective, someone by doing prayers, someone getting happiness by attaching themselves with NGO's, someone by going to the temples, churches, gurudwaras etc.

Lot of ways to attain happiness, In my point of view until and unless we make our inner nature flowing with unconditional love and compassion till then happiness is very difficult to achieve. These two are the ingredient to have happy life state, so it is a practice to have unconditional love. When we are saying "I Love you" to our wife then why we are expecting from her that she will say"I love you too". If she will not say then it hurt us, it will become heavy baggage on our shoulders, similarly how many baggages we accumulate during our journey of life then what will happen we always say "I am not getting enough" "I am tired of giving", because we have put condition with each and everything we gave in life, we expect out of our every act but in our heart.

These expectations are the baggage, let's rid yourself with these conditions and become lighter, you will certainly feel very good, give other persons their space, love everybody.

Heart full of love is real happiness.

As Helen Keller states," The best and most beautiful things in the world can not be seen or even touched, they must be felt in the heart."

Love you all.

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