Haunted by Sex !

4년 전

Controversial topic but bitter reality of all of us life, most of us on this earth are haunted by sex. Want to address this issue with the true story of someone close to me and I am grateful and touched by his compassion that he had unloaded his emotional baggage on my shoulders and I had a great learning which I can not retain it with me I should share it so that we can be encouraged. The story is too big even one can write a book on these issues but I will just share briefly.
He was going through tremendous stress because of relationship issues with his wife, there was no sex at all between them from several months. I am not saying who is responsible for all this stress, I am only sharing his experience in this phase.
His struggle with his mind was too much somebody is taking on. Whenever he was free from his work he was haunted by the thoughts of sex, he started registration on dating sites only to find call girls over there, spoke to some escorts as well but felt very bad about it because they were only interested in money, but he was looking for emotional satisfaction also. He started going to parlours also but not find any replacement of the emotional support. Totally frustrated he became, thoughts of suicide have started coming to his mind but on the other side he was thinking that how he could get rid of the thoughts of sex or this hauntedness. Not being able to concentrate on anything. He wanted sex badly, Is sex really important? How to repair this damage in our marriages?
We might think that he was not a normal guy, is it? Please send your suggestions.

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