Haunted by Sex ! Part 2

4년 전

Hi guys, the next part of the story is about that person's struggle with his mind which was completely haunted by sex. How is it possible? But it is not impossible and he experienced it. There is two type of strong energies which gives us joy, and they are sexual energy and spiritual energy. Both are unstoppable, so if you are more inclined towards sexual energy then you have to bound find joy in that activity, but if you are a spiritual person, practicing meditation, attached with some NGO, contributing to the community, helping other persons then there is strong possibility that you will not be haunted with sex. Earlier I never liked Osho, I hated him for his speeches, but now when I am again hearing him, I came to know that he was completely right on the subject of "Sex" at least. I am not his follower but found that he was the only person who talked about this subject which is taboo and called as a sin in society, he understood this subject very well, we need this type of person again in our world. I am intrigued by the few of his thoughts, he was right when he said that sex should be transformed not curbed. I will tell you the logical reason for this why he was right here, nowadays we find most of our spiritual gurus are also not been able to curb this in their life. This is the live example of this that you can not curb or neglect "Sex" but it only can be transformed. Whenever we try to neglect and start disrespecting this activity then it will gush out in some wrong way. This is actually slandering of our body.
Again I will say about one direction which Osho gave us is we can only get that calm state after transforming this energy, It is not about sin, it is about the respect we are giving to yourself. His idea was that we should not curb this, but by respecting this activity we should challenge to expand our lives and give our spirit great joy through meditation.
He also said this if we try to enhance our meditation on a daily basis then we find that we are experiencing the same joy which we enjoy in that activity and this joy never last, it will remain with us forever when we practice daily, it will be not merely two-minute joy. It is a crime and serene state of life. Our spirit doesn't want any materialistic thing, it only wants a joy.
That person who was haunted by the sex, now he is completely free from this hauntedness by practicing meditation, by actively giving back to society by attaching with some NGO, he is teaching underprivedged childrens. His face was glowing more, he is much happier inside he is no more slave of sex. So my only view about the transformation of this energy is right but curbing is not right. Our society is the proof for that the same person's who was teaching us about curbing or neglecting they themselves cannot be able to curb this.


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Wow "haunted by sex" nice topic. Sex the word itself sound haunted. But is the thing that shape our society. @wisestilivin keep writing.


Hi thanks for comment, I don't know wheather it will shape our society or not, but it is a bitter truth about society, somehow we are taking it as a sin, since we are suppressing it now we can see the result of this suppression, everyone's topic is ultimately on sex, but we are not discussing openly about our own needs because that is sin. Anyway we made it pretty complex.