Ministry of Loneliness - Britain Recognized - Will other follow?

4년 전

Prime Minister Theresa May in January created a new role in UK parliament and that is Ministry of Loneliness. UK first minister of loneliness is Tracey Crouch. Tracey crouch herself suffered for depression 2 years back and in an interview she talked about it as a "very dark place, very lonely place". 

According to the Jo Cox commission on loneliness last year, it is said that in Britain alone around 9 million people which is around 14% of the Britain's population often or most of the times feel lonely, even it cost UK employer around $3.5 billion annually, according to the consumer co-operative CO-OP.

I am pretty impressed by the UK Prime minister who at-least recognized it, and I would rather we would love if other countries also do something to tackle this in their respective countries. This has become worldwide problem despite massive increased in the usage of internet. People have so many friends and followers on social networking but still they feel lonely. What we are doing now a days, we are actually ignoring the profound and embracing the shallow.

UK is always a very open minded country, they are pretty much adaptive to new customs but still loneliness is hovering over the country, even in the entire world number of depressed people are increasing.

Lets fight it together by respecting each other's dignity, never demean human life and practice  interconnectedness of all phenomena, we all are one, if other one is not happy then we also can not be happy.

Thank you so much for reading this.


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