Are We Quitters?

4년 전

Strange what law is working when we quit in certain situation or problem. Is any invisible law govern in quitting.

When I started my career 15 years back, I was very good in one thing and that is quitting. I quit some jobs because of the bad boss, quit from relationship because other person was not good with me. But whenever I quit from some situation, I always find more challenging situations next time, I got worse boss next time, I got worse girlfriend then the earlier one. What was this, I was totally confused and frustrated because I was not getting answers, is it wrong to leave your job when you don't like your boss or is it bad to end the relation when you are not been able to enjoy each other company or n number of situations like this. Ultimately I was tired from running from the people I don't like and list of those people never ended. I started reading philosophical and other books on life. One of the Buddhist book cleared my doubt which stated that there is mystic law which is working day and night in the universe and in our life since we are also part of the universe and that law is the law of cause and effect. Everything is govern by this law including all sentient beings and insentient beings. We got certain people in our life whether they are  good or bad because of certain causes we did in our past live together, we have certain karmic debts and obligations to each other, until and unless that is due we have to face each other, for example: suppose we have a bad boss who is giving us enough pain in office and we left the organisation because of this reason then greater chances we will get the worse boss then our previous job. But if we tried to understand and analyse the situation fundamentally, yes it required great observation and listening skills, then we can challenge the situation by changing and adapting our behavior according to the particular situation, by doing this it is sure that we will be able to eradicate our bad karma and in some time we will be able to get great victory in same situation by not quitting. 

We just need to relax and go with the flow by observing, listening and changing our self appropriately. Ultimately only bad people are the once who is great contributor to our life, they help us in our life expansion, make us more compassionate and give us great training in life.

Yes changing jobs for the better prospects is fine but for any other reason like company is bad, boss is not good means we are finding some easy and short term remedies which will not help is in our growth.

In Buddhist text it is written that "Whatever people we got in life they are the reflection of us" means our children, neighbors and people around us are our reflection. Solution is self purification through meditation, prayers, changing in our behavior by challenging may be one wrong attribute at a time, only then we would be able to change our environment otherwise according to the law there is no other way.

Respecting and protecting the others dignity and our dignity as well should be our goel.

Thank you so much.

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