Sexless Marriages in India

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Why I write sexless marriages in India because I always see that we are the one who is maximum in numbers about non-expressiveness over sexuality issues in marriage.
When we become non-expressive then what happened next:

  1. We start going to prostitutes and assume that they would take care of our physical needs but in the end, we feel still dissatisfied because of emotional detachment.
  2. We might try to register yourself on dating sites and try to find the hidden partner who takes care of our emotional and physical needs.

There is a research that prostitution is there because of married people, even I heard that Osho said "If we want to eradicate prostitution then we need to eradicate marriage first."

Guys I am not against marriage but I am against about our non-expressiveness, We feel guilty and afraid of saying that most of us are in the sexless marriages. We afraid to do dialogues, we thought people will bully us. But this should not be the case.
The institution of marriage has 3 very important elements:

  1. Friendship
  2. Love
  3. Sex

All the above 3 are the ingredients for happy marriages. So sexless marriage is a silent killer. The even supreme court said in its judgement of Sept 26, 2014, that,"Denial of sex by a spouse is cruelty." It said that if a spouse does not allow the partner to have sex for a long time, without sufficient reason, it amounts to mental cruelty.

Guys if you are in the sexless marriage then please wake up, as it starts out as a slow burn, then explodes at the end of a marriage. If you put time and work into improving your sex life and are still not happy with the intimacy, then you have every right to move on.

Why there is divorce happening in sexless marriages.

  1. Blaming and Excuses
    After having children somehow couple experience a slowdown in sex lives, but this is a normal problem and one person uses it as a crutch to bring intimacy to a standstill. One person starts blaming external factors may be demand at work etc. If you are not working on whatever is causing your intimacy to a standstill then it is a viable reason for divorce.

  2. Non Effort
    We feel guilty and ashamed on discussing our sexuality issues, we should seek marriage counsellors support to improve sexual life, there is nothing harm in that.

  3. No Compromise
    It is very disrespectful to avoid a discussion on sexless marriage which is causing you lot of emotional turmoil and someone is not respecting your patience and your willingness to work on your marriage.
    Again the solution is we should seek the support of any professional marriage counsellors and get the situation sorted out.

Guys We (Indians) seeks very less support of marriage counsellors, we are not discussing about this problem and then we damage our relations and start blaming another person for our frustration, but the real reason is we don't want to become honest about ourself. Let's become honest and create the happy and blissful families.

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