Know who was the first human to be born on earth and who gave birth to it...


Have never thought of who was the first human to be born on this earth.
According to mythological (Hindu religion) beliefs, the creators of this universe themselves were Lord Brahma.

Let's know about the first human to be born on this earth.

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According to Hindu religion, the first man to be born on this earth was Manu, which was created by Lord Vishnu. It is said that Lord Vishnu Manu was made from clay. When Lord Vishnu was creating species, he finally divided himself into two parts. The first part was Manu and the second part was Shatarupa.

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It is said that humankind is lying in the name of Manu. Manu was called a human in Sanskrit and Manu was called Man in English. According to Hindu religion, Lord Vishnu was very busy in one work, during that time there was a miracle and a physique was seen from within his body and the shadow was exactly visible to him. Later Lord Vishnu sent the same shadow to human and sent it on earth.

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Similarly in the Bible, there was a shadow from God's body that God sent on earth. This shows that Manu was the man who had first born on earth as a human.

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