Croatia will be named by the World Cup football tournament for the second time, after defeat in Croatia.

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Hugo Clover, captain of the French football team who reached the Mega event final for the third time in football history, said Hugo-psorus has said that World Cup will be hostile to win World Cup for the second time, Hugo Clover He and his team are very pleased to qualify for the Mega event finals, he said that the title will be named after Croatia defeated.Talking to the media after the practice for the final match, Hugo-psores said that the team's collective efforts against Belgium was the result of collective efforts. He said he is satisfied with the performance of his team, but he has warned his team that in the final event of the Mega event, the entire team will have to improve the performance of the team by stopping his head for success.

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what is date of final


Tomorrow 8pm

nice blog..

but i will go with france

I think France will win

I think Croatia will win...there defence is solid enough to stop France strieker...and their midfield is too I think Croatia will win this FIFA.

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I can't wait to see the final match.