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Over the last 15 years, social media has done a great job at keeping people in touch with each other. In the past, many of these connections could only have been made over the phone and at a great cost if it was a long distance call. With the advent of social media, this allowed for communication to take on a much more inmate and direct approach. Through the sharing of photos, videos clips and small blurbs about what you had done that day, this in essence became a detailed diary, that you could share with whoever deemed as worthy.

Sadly, as the popularity of these platforms progressed, newer generations were born into a world where they had no foundational understanding of how socialization worked before social media was conceptualized. It is readily documented through peer reviewed studies that in the last 15 years, that the rates of autism have sky rocketed. Many children learn how to socialize through their parents. Considering that millennials are some of the highest users of social media, it is quite evident that there has been a dissolution of social skills due to social media, that has been most likely been inherited by their child through classical conditioning protocols.

I do not want to state that there is a direct correlation between the recent influx of autism and the rise of social media, but with so many people glued to their phones 24/7, it is obvious that there is a strong relationship between the two. With this being said, some segments of the population have thrived over the last 15 years and some been turned into social social pariah's as a result.

Though there has always been a strong dichotomy between the cool kids and the losers, social media has only exacerbated this understanding - at least for the male population. Considering that women no longer need men for their resources, low tier males have found themselves on the outside looking in to the dating world. Considering that women no longer have to question whether they are good looking or not, like they did before social media, all they have to do is post of few pictures online and they have confirmation that they are wanted.

Men on the other hand, unless they are extremely attractive, do not have this luxury. And so we are left with the fallout. Most women would argue that this is payback for all the years they were forced to date ugly low tier men out of necessity, but most men would argue that this was due to the fact that people use to date within their "league" before social media, the justice system and liberalism propped up the ego's of the average female.

So, to circumvent these challenges some men have turned to MGTOW, a group of men who state " that they are going their own way". For a rare few, this is a genuine decree, but for most, it is a simple copping mechanism to overcome the fact that they a undesirable by the modern females - at least in the long-term. In retrospect, I think that it is a healthy for men to have a group of people who have similar challenges that they can fall back on. But in another breath, by ugly men qualifying themselves as MGTOW, when they couldn't get a women, even if they tried, this only brings discredit to this segment of men.

If we are truly going to have women question their antics, men's groups like MGTOW, have to be populated with men that women are upset to see leaving the dating community. If it is just a bunch of ugly, broke dudes going 'MGTOW", in the average females eyes, they would all just be doing women a favor. So in essence, that is why I qualify my self as blackpilled. I have been sent my own way and females could care less. But I care enough about the male population, not to associate myself with a community that I would only bring discredit to. Society has turned their backs on men. This is obvious when you consider the fact the male suicides are growing at an exponential rate in comparison to females. Men need to support each other in as many ways as possible. Because we cannot expect society, governments or the general population to do so.

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