My Mondays


{"Wine is one of the most civilized things in the world and one of the most natural things of the world that has been brought to the greatest perfection, and it offers a greater range for enjoyment and appreciation than, possibly, any other purely sensory thing" - Ernest Hemingway... Today’s entry will be a part of @jayna’s contest of two-fifty-words, hundred-words and fifty-word taskers. Now, let us feast upon the grapes and drink to our heart’s content some wine!~... Today’s music-aide: White Palace from Hollow Knight OST.}

My sketchy sketch

- My Mondays -

- Tipsy sayings :p -

Their feet at an irregular rhythm, the two raised their bottles o’ wine towards the air. But the oil-casted night with her choir couldn’t care. Yet the whistling winds being the fun singers they were, they whistled on by and aided the lil’ ruckus the pair was making.

Grass crunchingly bending to the will of tipsiness, their bodies soon hugged the greenscape. Chuckles escaping their mouths, the grass pushed their bodies and soon their hands caught their heads. Only the smile a drunk could pull, and both were reflections of their perfection of the smile.

The wine bottles still guzzling, the night sky still sang and their bodies wiggled on the muffled cries of grass. Noses touching, the pink glaze burning red on the cheeks. Each neuron screamed gaily with the sliding grace of their fingers.

Her lips opened yet mumbled stutters. Over on the other side of the bridge of two noses, her lips only perked up as her tipsy voice-box said what her partner’s voice-box fumbled to say. Both eyes narrowing, noses swinging away from each other and their lips attempting to make contact.

The first strikes landed off course, yet there were seconds and their cheeks received the steamy grace. But the third time charmed their lips to make contact and let heat course through their body. Their mouths reveling as the brain began to overload the neurons in dopamine, the starry canvas’s choir now accompanied by their oral praises of love under the guardianship of wine.

- Hundred grapes -

"So Tadeusz, this how yah make them wine?"

"Tak- I mean yes. Why don’t you start foot squashing grapes now?"

"Really, why not get them engies to wrench up a grape squasher?"

"Doesn’t have the same fun, plus wine won’t age faster regardless."

"Eh, your loss Tadeusz. But I will squash them grapes if I-"

"Don’t worry, I got the bottles you need. Thought you’d need them one day."

"Gee, I didn’t even said a peep. And yah already pull’d the white wine and vinegar. What are yah, Tadeusz or a good actor?"

- Fifty bottles -

O Diary, o Diary! Do I have a tale to tell today. But I can’t be so exact, what if I don’t get to burn you in time?~

Well, I found Monti Christo’s wine cellar and now we are fermenting the wine.

Sorry, but I can’t tell more!~

Bye bye~


Two things: wine!~ \ :p \ and sweet wine (red) is the only way to drink wine.

Sweet-wine-ism (red) is the only correct path on who’s a comrade and who dares to self-hurt themselves with other wine. We needn’t act, their bodies will ache while we can enjoy the pleasures with feeling the acid a whole lot. Keep up the good fight and let no anti-sweet-wine-ist tell you otherwise!!!!~ <<<<3333!!!!~

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This first one is so sensual, evoking each of the senses like incantations to captivate the reader.
The sounds combining with the physical sensations, the opening paragraph carries that drunken stumble home so well. It was very evocative of that feeling of supporting each other <3 the drunk-related descriptions for the scenery really adds to the image, (singing, whistling, merriment etc) carrying that world-swirling feeling of drunkenness. The use of language, and the ways things are described, for example the use of the phrase voice-box instead of the whole host of more comfortable/sensual phrases, adds to that jarring disconcertion of being drunk, not remembering the words and callings things by statement names. I appreciate the choice to emphasis that drunken disorientation instead of adding to the sensual connection/moment between the two.
A beautiful moment of two girls staggering home together, falling over but too caught up in their joy to care, drunkenly trying to kiss each other. Very sweet, just like your wine ;)

The second one feels like a snippet of an exchange between two colleagues, took me far too long to realize engies was probably slang for engineers haha, but Tadeusz is probably right, there is something so much more satisfying in doing things yourself instead of handing it over to a machine. And sounds like Tadeusz knows what they are doing, even if they don't shout about their achievements, they think of their friends and have whats needed waiting.

And the last one! How can you stop there :p A secret stash, put to ferment, they are going to have some seriously strong wine at the end of that!! Too secret to even record in the diary!


UwU ~ Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting!

^^ That's such a great analysis for the first one! You totally went into and dissected the body of the story! Super lovely!!!!~ <<<<3333!!!!~ (Wine~ ;p)

Good eyes on the second one, you actually identified everything right!~

Sorry, can't spill the beans on the third one :p I promised the person I wouldn't tell as well!!!!~ XD

Wow, you covered all the bases @theironfelix! The first story was so sensual, capturing the mind with all the senses coming from this wine-aided interlude. I especially liked how it took them 3 times to get the kiss on target! And I totally agree with you on the sweet red wine!


UwU ~ Thanks for reading and thanks for the compliments! Glad you loved how sensual it was and loved the small details of their attitudes! Sweet red wine forever!

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  ·  작년

Beautiful writing, @theironfelix! The long piece is so romantic and poetic. All of them made me smile. 😁


UwU ~ Thanks for reading and thanks for the comment!

Yep, wine always mixes good with romantic and poetry. Otherwise, thanks again for the compliments~