Thawing Thursday


{“You are never fully dressed without perfume!” – C. JoyBell C... This post is an entry to @jayna's #microfiction Contest here. This post is one out of the three posts that shall come within the two months of me fully transitioning off of Steemit. I like to clarify my post from yesterday (especially to @dirge, @jayna and @calluna). I am mainly burnt out and I want to finally rest; this means I will have to leave leave the platform and not participate in it. Many don't know it but I had a similar burnt out and a full leave from the platform last year that lasted a whole six months from December 2k17 Anno Domini to June 2k18 Anno Domini. Will it last this long? No, not even longer than two-three months. Will I still take a full break from the platform? Yes. Two days from now will be my entry for the @bananafish #tellastorytome and her prompt about the "last forest" as the main objective... No music-aides for today, maybe something from the Bond/007 movies.}

- Thawing Thursdays -

- Application -

Picking up the bottle of cologne, her hands torqued around; her eyes hadn’t found anything special with it. Pulling a whiff stick from the lil’ cubby, her fingers squeezed on the bottle and out rain a flurry of wet scents. Her nose inspecting, the scent whirled around and plunged into her olfactory. Multiple stings did the scent did, yet all pleasurable to her mind as her legs gave in a bit before putting the stick away. Closing the bottle, her legs carried her to the counter; the clerk’s eyes seeing her calm sway, she shot a smile and asked

"Ah, ponnie Marta. What a surprise to see you here? So, what’s the occasion?"

"Oh! Ponnie Ula~ Glad to see you here as well, but I am in a hurry. So here’s the spiel: I’m here to impress."

"My Marta here to impress? Oooo, going on a date are you?"

"Come on Ula, you know I don’t have the power to woo the laddies like that. Just want to marry a frequent visitor that comes to my workplace everyday."

"So you did found love, but now you’re going to be brave and fall in love! Aaaa~"

"Hush, or you might as well bring the commotion here and not where I want to ask her out."

"Alright, done and done! So, have a lovely first ask~"

"Ha ha, thanks ponnie Ula."

- Hundred scents -

Her legs carried her around town, but her nose steered her course. The swirls of the steamy and chocolate smell coursed through her nose. Her mind constantly reminded of her favorite treat, but then a new scent plunged into her nose. Opening the door, her eyes saw her hands holding the bottle of cologne. Her hands squeezing the ball, cologne sprinkled onto her dress. Her head cocking to the costumer, her left hand flicked her hair and she shot a small smile. Her legs carrying her to the counter, she on the other side chuckled and awaited her next words.

- Fifty colognes -

"Cologne? Are we going to Niemcy?"

"Nie, ponnie Marta. It's cologne, like perfume."

"Why I do think it funny, but why cologne?-"

"You haven't heard ponnie? It's the craze!-"

"While I enjoy trends, I don't even like perfume."

"Bah! You’ll come to like it eventually. Come, give it a whiff."


Two things: As I said above, I will submit an entry to the #tellastorytome contest and I will an anniversary post on the 14th of June, 2019 Anno Domini. I shall keep quiet on the second one, but the first one will obviously deal forests (and me).

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Hey!!! I think you're saying goodbye

Are you going to hibernate? Are you going away? Without saying goodbye?

I'm gonna miss you!

See you next time! @theironfelix

Best wishes


I shall say goodbye on the 14th of June. I shall be taking a massive break, but I shall be back.
Purple haunting.gif


Hooooly Mosessss!

We can continue to enjoy your eccentricities for a few more months


No I meant this:
A day from now I will make a post, then there will be an interlude period until the 14th of June. From there I will not post anything for 2+ months.


Oh my! I knew it somehow... Well, I still miss you


Miss yah as well~

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A fun read, as always, @theironfelix. Thank you so much for participating and being a regular contributor to the fun of this weekly initiative.


UwU ~ Thanks for reading and thanks for the comment! And you're welcome, but thank you for providing this initiative in the first place.