69 Reputation / Dolphin Cake / More Special Than A Birthday

2년 전

Today is a great day..
Finally reached 69 Reputation !

Advancing in reputation is one of the hardest things..
For each rise (+1) in rankings, it gets 10X harder to do..


Yes, I have reached rep 69..
I am so grateful for every single one of you..
I can't believe that number..

Thanks to all who have supported and gotten me to level 69..
This feels more special than a birthday..
Have a great sunday..

Let us rock..

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I can understand what it takes to get that +1 after reaching 60. It looks almost impossible to climb that rank ladder.

It has been so difficult ever since I’ve reached 65, it doesn’t seem to move fast.., but I agree , this is better than a Birthday . We work hard to move up and grow with one another . Congratulations on the milestone

You earned it - on my reputation list you got the 100 already ;-)

Congratulations, pretty nifty rock song you chose there, i was expecting 1969 from the Stooges. Well done, 100% deserved.

Congrats my friend, well done and hard work! 🥂🍾



Congrats! You deserve it! :)

congratulation boss @lordoftruth its really great

owo Amazing 69 awsome keep it up


great one post....
upvote and resteem done

@ lordoftruth congratulations on the great achievements I support you success greetings :)

congrats to your reputation, maybe once you are at the harleyweek in carinthia at the Faakersee, we can meet in person - cool musicvideo, like it

Am happy for your advancement in this platform .this shows that you have added values enormously via post especially the aspects of your post on bitcoin support and resistance .I really benefit from it every day.looking forward to seeing you progressing more and more.

excellent music .i like your sound.

i love to read it..

Congrats 🎉🎊🍾🎈 way to go!!!!!! Keep steeming ahead.😁😁

Wow this nice music post.....thanks for sharing.....

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cool cake dolphins

Congratulation on reaching Reputation 69. Do more to support us to climb as you just did. For someone to grow someone must support you. We need your support too

  ·  2년 전

Congratulations !!

Keep up the good work , we hope we'll get there one day

Hard work and innovation are the keys for success .

More special then a birthday !!!!! Yeah maybe because reputation increase due to hundreds of steemians who support you. Birthday on the other hand is just celebrated between a few close people.

Glad to see you at 69 !!!! I am at 59 :p Not much but trying my best here !!

Keep us informing about the bitcoin trends and Keep it up :)

Congratulations :D


Finally you reached at 69 Reputation .
The hottest number 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Keep going , i think you will be more successful.
So , it's time to party buddy let's chill .
Bless up @lordoftruth

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Congratulation for your 69 reputation....


Woah! Congratulations @lordoftruth! I agree with your observation 100%

Wow।। great post,
I appreciate your blog,,,resteemit

Awesome congratulations to you and all the best always :)

I love 69.

You now need to update you little award thing in your signature. Guess technically it's still correct at 68+, but time to make that reflect the 69!

Nice work and great to see that your continued efforts keep being rewarded. Have a long way to go, but will be making this same post one day.

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Congratulations on your milestone! Just one more step to 70 :)

So cute photography,l like your post

Congrats! on 69!!!

It really does move SOOO slow! I have been stuck on 64 for AGES!!!

Congratulations on reaching such a high number! Just one more step to reach the legendary 70 reputation level haha

wow very nice music video .....thanks friend

Congratulations on this awesome milestone :)

lol wel i have this feeling whenever I will reach 51, under 48 went ok but since then... PFFFT

congratulations dolphin!