त्री रत्न Triple Gems or Jewels in Buddhism।


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It is not a religious song/chanting as most take it to be. It is much more profound and touches the core of our being.

बुद्ध (Buddha) = Knower of the ultimate truth (Not a name of a person), resides within each one of us, we are just yet to be awake. There were many बुद्ध before सिद्धार्थ गौतम Siddhartha Goutam।

धम्म (Dhamma) =Teaching of the बुद्ध, the one who witnessed the ultimate truth.

संघ (Sangha) = Group of the beings walking on the path of धम्म।

Taking refuge in oneself - there are no other refuge. Collectively it is called त्रिरत्न or Triple Gems.

बुद्धँ शरणम गछामि

धम्मं शरणम गछामि

संघ शरणम गछामि


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