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@trucklife-family wrote an excellent post - Applying Permaculture To My Life - Living So That Nothing Goes To Waste.
She spoke on one of the principles of permaculture:

In nature nothing is wasted

And she encouraged us to let nothing go to waste but to embrace it all!

That everything happens for a reason, to embrace what is happening and not waste the opportunity to learn from the many lessons that come to us throughout our lives.


That got me looking at how I was living. I like a simpler life and I want to keep my life simple.

One of the things to move me in this direction is to deal with clutter, both physical and mental clutter.

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My husband abhors clutter and he is the one that really got me to appreciate not having it around. Although it was a little hard at first to let go of my "collections of things" I do like the simplicity it brings and how things are much cleaner.

Then I got thinking

When I'm gone what will I be leaving behind? Will my things I have accumulated over the years be a burden for someone to have to clear out or will it bring some joy and fond memories?

My father was quite the collector and I was left with the task of taking care of his belongings when he passed away. A lot of his things I enjoyed sorting and sharing with the family but there were piles of stuff that were just junk. Perhaps it was because he had gone through the depression years where there wasn't the access to a lot of things and you utilized everything you had (this is a good lesson to learn). Maybe this was why there was so much stuff that he just couldn't let go of and it accumulated. It was of no real use to me but just something I had to clean up for selling the house.

I decided that instead of leaving stuff that I really don't cherish or have any use for, to someone else to deal with, I would take care of it myself! This would make for a simpler and I think happier life and perhaps freer too!

The Plan

Go systematically through the house, working at a small space each time so the job doesn't become to daunting. I don't want to over think things but just sort into 3 piles -

  • stuff to get rid of
  • stuff to think about
  • keepers

Then there is my computer and online real estate and possessions which people wouldn't have a clue to access or what I have, things like how to access my Steem wallet and funds. Plus I have websites and products on Amazon, in my Etsy store and on Homesteaders Coop. All the passwords and access info needs to be organized and let my family know where it is.

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

This system can work good in the office too, having slots for mail, papers or whatever for things to throw out (recycle), things to consider later and things to attend to now.



Another way I have of dealing with mental clutter is through meditation, to go through the layers, letting things arise and pass away. Just observing. If I choose I can notice too, if there are issues that need some consideration or things that need attending to before I can move forward. When I can see things clearly and I'm not caught up in the midst of them, then I can take action - mentally and emotionally purge and clear out some of that extra baggage. This too, makes for a lighter, simpler life!

do today improve tomorrow.jpg

This and throwing off procrastination and laziness which tends to let things build.


Going forward, it's a matter of being more conscious of what I am bringing into my life. Being aware if there are things I am not using. Instead of letting them just sit around creating clutter, I can pass them on to someone who could use them. And remembering that permaculture principle:

Nothing in nature is wasted

Use the three Rs - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle or just plain eliminate from my life!

I feel a smile rising inside, setting this intention and hoping my musing may inspire others to simplify their life and along with @trucklife-family encourage folks to incorporate that permaculture principle into their life and let nothing go to waste!

FYI @trucklife-family has written other articles on permaculture and how it can be incorporated into your life, well worth checking out!

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great thoughts. my mom had to clean up a lot a lot a lot of stuff after her mom passed and it is hard to sort through someone's things who you loved.. emotionally it is difficult. you're leaving a gift to those who come behind you and also enjoying the peace that decluttering brings. i need to clean out some cluttered spots in my cabin, thinking of! thanks <3


Good to hear from you and glad I could give a little nudge to declutter!
How is the house coming? Will it be livable for the winter?


the house is on pause for now as we knew we weren't going to get it closed in in time for winter (can't do lime plaster or earthen plastering when temps are below 40 deg!) so we started building a sauna, which is about 3/4 complete! so we can get sweaty and wash more easily this winter ;)


The same thing occurred with my mother. I do believe that the depression aspect was very real to my grandparents generation.


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A few times now well meaning people came to deliver the goods of their parents that passed away to our charity. Of course while alive each item had a special meaning to the owner, but to us they are all just goods that need to be distributed to families in poor areas. People cannot seem to understand that as you came, just so you will go and you will take nothing with you.
Not so, if you listen to the families arguing about the departed souls goods next to the grave when I do a funeral. Brother and sister are prepared to go to war against each other for the departed person's goods.
It's all meaningless isn't it?


Meaningless indeed!
I have heard of families feuding over the material goods and it is so sad and I'm sure not what the deceased would want.
That is good if you can distribute the goods to those in need of them and that is what I plan to do with a number of my things and not leave it all up to my family after I am gone!


A good idea my friend. The only thing that I kept when my mom passed away was her spectacles, just as a memory and then when a poor person needed glasses, I gave them to her.
I felt my mom's smile, as she often said that I would give my bum away if it was not attached to me.
Thankfully I have no interest in earthly goods.


What a lovely story! And you are much better off not in the pursuit of material goods!


Thank you my dear friend.
As you might have noted, I don't feel much for earthly goods as whenever one looks at the bigger picture, they are all worthless.

I love this and wish more people would make the decision to declutter their homes and their minds. At the moment I have too much toys in the truck, it is hard cos people come with gifts for the girls and then they find treasures on the community boat but my space is definitely looking too clutter for me. xxxx


Yes! Decluttering can be a freeing experience!
I once lived in a bus with my young son - not much room for anything extra - I wonder if you could build a little toy shed that the girls could store their toys in and just bring them in when they are playing with them?
Thanks for your inspiration on moving me in this direction!


that is a great idea, might encourage them to bring home more stuff though lol , but they do need their own space for sure xxx

Such good advice.

Also, the online element is easy to overlook since that stuff is out of sight.

Then there is my computer and online real estate and possessions which people wouldn't have a clue to access or what I have, things like how to access my Steem wallet and funds. Plus I have websites and products on Amazon, in my Etsy store and on Homesteaders Coop. All the passwords and access info needs to be organized and let my family know where it is.

I use the KeePass password manager to store everything. Might be worth a look if you've got a lot of accounts to manage.

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The hoarding and the clutter we do not realize but leaves us so much with unwanted energy. I am mindful about it but still there are something that I don't part with even if they are of no use to me and this is something I need to learn to let go.