Homesick aliens of the world unite - we are not alone

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Where is our real home, where do we really belong? This question can be answered on different levels of course, depending on how deep you wish to go and how deep your identification is with the externals around you.

Generally we are conditioned since birth in this particular lifetime, to become physically and psychologically "entrained" or conditioned to our geographical environment and our parents’ upbringing. We find over time that our bodies acclimatize to the seasons in which we are raised, whether in snowy Canada or steaming Sahara. The body adapts, and finds the place to be hospitable while others might struggle, coming from other conditioning.

Similarly we adapt to the style and habits of our parents, as well as the culture in which we were raised. Emigrating can be a challenge to all of us, with the adapting and learning curves of language, food and all the rest. As a result we may feel like an alien away from our childhood home.

However, where does one fit in when all your lifestyle choices appear to be alien to the very neighborhood you were born into? For example when one studies “foreign” cultures and finds them to be more suitable to ones preferences, it can leave you feeling like an outsider in your own land. Unfortunately our modern western culture and society has taught us some very bad habits and conditioned us to some seriously unhealthy or ignorant practices and most people struggle to evolve out of them due to the power of conditioning. And when some of us do evolve different habits it can leave us alienated socially from the rest of our peers who remain in their old ways.

It can end up becoming a solitary path, but the beauty of the internet and platforms like this one, is that it allows us to associate or socialize with like minded souls wherever they are on the planet. We can thus find our spiritual family of other practitioners who relate to our lifestyle choices. And that is the beauty of our modern age – simultaneously alienated and yet also potentially more connected.

Some seekers even feel alien on the very planet earth. They feel out of synch with the overall materialism and worldly focus of modern life on earth, and long for some kind of return to the stars, or return to Godhead, if you like. They never quite fit in here, and that may be a lack of grounding or it may be a sincere remembrance of an earlier incarnation in a previous time of history, or perhaps even of another world, in another body that felt more appropriately like home. Most sincere spiritual seekers will feel alienated in today’s modern world so that is not a bad thing to feel out of place among your peers and surrounding culture.
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Nevertheless, we learn how to keep our feet on the ground while reaching for the heavens. We are, after all, the temple in which the union of heaven and earth occurs. That is our nature in this human body ultimately. And it requires constant practice to keep the balance, lest we tip too far into one side or the other. At the end though, we must all leave behind this mortal coil and its temporary conditioning, and remember who we really are beyond the culture, and conditioned body/mind. So this is only a temporary home in the current body, country or even planet (for some). That is the timeless perspective of the true spiritual seeker.

Wisdoms and mindful musings

The above thoughts in this week’s post are a reflection on the writing of @freemotherearth, who has a fine thought-provoking post on conscious living.
In this post she shows the practice and style of a conscious observer, and how to live consciously, from looking at all product labels – how good are they really – and reveals the lies or half-truths allowed by advertisers on labels. She talks about how to protect your kids from junk food restaurants, junk items and also all the plastic packaging that coats our produce.

Modern society has lost a lot of common sense in its pursuit of capitalism and she writes from personal experience how

“In the mean time, I feel like an outcast in much of the society I have been raised in, one that values consumerism, disposable convenience, and shortsightedness. I find myself constantly realizing yet another layer of convenience, another layer of consumerism, another layer of harm and destruction.”

Another great insight comes from @viking-ventures, who shares a very effective practice that she uses with her daughters on how to cleanse the aura.

“All of us know how to keep ourselves clean and hygienic” she says, “..but how many of us remember to keep our auras clean?” This is a valid question in today’s modern world filled with potentially contaminating electronic or other unseen frequencies, as well as the moods and psychic effects of others around us.

In 11 simple steps she guides us through the process of how to “Get rid of the bad energies, bring in the good energies and protect ourselves from harm.” I recommend her post for those who would like to bring some ritual or visualization into your daily spiritual life and soul journey.

There may be a myriad of challenges on the path to our ideal of a healthier and more conscious life, but fortunately Natural Medicine has some sincere practitioners from whom we can all learn and with whom we can share our helpful experiences so that we all benefit as a whole and the mindset of the world is uplifted even just a fraction, one blog post at a time.

And if you want a sweet but powerful invocation of "positivity" into your life, then check out this post by @alexaventuria for the words to a spell she crafted. Loads of potential and insight coming your way from Natural Medicine.

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I like your insights in contemplation to my post @naturalmedicine! It's a nice read this afternoon after a couple mile hike in the national park. I usually go out where I am completely surrounded by nature to completely feel the balance between tangible and abstract, physical and spiritual, Earth and Heaven. While I have never mastered the technique of clearing my mind and thinking of nothing for meditation, I have found that being immersed in a natural setting gives me the ability to be in a state of zen and meditative mindset. While my mind (and body) is constantly wandering, it's therapeutic to focus on plants, fungus, rocks, creatures, trees ~ whatever I come across in my wanderings. I am truly at peace in those moments. Thanks again for taking the time to digest and respond to my post. Honest, open, respectful communications with each other about our life experiences is the best!


Very insightful of you to spend as much time as possible surrounded by healthy outdoors and natural environment. Clearing the mind takes years of practice, so simply being in nature, as you say, and focusing on the pure plants will purify the mind too. By seeing and contemplating the beauty of your surroundings, you will automatically fill your aura with healthy valuable prana or life-force. Please keep us informed of your realizations.

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