MINDS.COM - A new Steemit alternative?

6개월 전

What is Minds?

Minds is a new social media network that pays its users a token which is called "MINDS". The content creators earn tokens for being active and for Likes/Comments/Shares/Follows for their posts.

So, what's the catch?

What's weird about Minds.com is that the token is worthless at the moment, therefore it can be a great opportunity to earn it and maybe in the future it could worth a lot of money. However, at the moment, it doesn't worth much.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I participated with Minds when it started. Even though it has a token now, the platform has not improved.
You now have to use said earned (or bought) tokens to have your content seen, making it no better than Facebook.

Hey, Lazariko. I'm ashamed I left Steemit and our upvoting exchange project without a warning 3 years ago. Somehow everything was just too much at that time... After I had done that the step to come back kept growing bigger, but now I'm back, and will support your work, and hopefully I can do something for the people who joined the upvoting group. I'll make a post about what happened after I left Finland now almost 3 years ago. Good luck with your military service. I'll probably start using Minds as well.