Do Not Insult Your Character by Trying to Prove Yourself to Other Peoples..!!!!!


Hi, dear Friends !

Even though our societies are highly competitive, it is easy to forget that so many people are out there everyday trying to question your competence.

Sometimes, even the people closest to you dare to be doubtful about your capabilities and ultimate potential.

We waste a whole lot of time trying to prove some things to people that should not be of any importance of value to us…

Ultimately, we are the only losers in a game like that.

Once, people wanted to test the faster breed of animal by pitting some dogs against a cheetah.

The cheetah didn’t even leave his cage for the match. No one knows exactly why, but some people seem to believe that the cheetah found the challenge insulting.

Obviously, if the cheetah went out and raced against the other dogs, he would unconditionally win.

But is that a worthy prize? Is that something to be remembered for? Racing against those dogs was the biggest insult to the cheetah.

Now I don’t mean to increase your dangerous vanity by telling you that you should be nonchalant towards other people and their advances.


What I am suggesting is that sometimes, we shouldn’t try so hard to prove ourselves to people that are not really important in hindsight.

You don’t need to prove your worthiness to other people. Other people are hardly important.

What really matters is your goal and purpose.

Work towards achieving that goal and impress the right sort of people that can get you where you want to go, not any old soul who would undermine you with no justifiable cause.

You do not have to prove yourself to other people.

Other people should see your capabilities and potential for themselves, if they are conscious enough to see it.

Trying to prove yourself to the wrong sort of people can sometimes be the greatest insult to your own character.

I cannot, for the life of me, understand some people and the depths that they are willing to go through in order to prove their worth to people in their lives…

People who, frankly, couldn’t care less about them in the first place.

Do not be that type of person. This is not about vanity or ego, but self-respect and understanding.

At the end of the day, we are what we make ourselves to be!


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