Many people Why can't Do that what They WANT ........!!!!!!


Hello, dear friends...!!!!!!

The title of today’s blog post is also a question,
and I am willing to bet that as soon as you read it, your mind raced with many ideas as to why this phenomenon occurs.

A lots of you are thinking about fear.
And you can be right. Fear is a powerful sedative for a seeking mind.
It obscures your thought and tramples on your willingness to do what must be done.

We can safely assume that many dreamers have forsaken their pursuit out of fear and dread. But that is not what I am going to talk about today.

I will make my point by reviewing a conversation that I had with one of my friends many month ago. he wanted to get into medical field and work his way up to becoming a senior surgeon for poor's.

‘It is a wonderful dream,’ I told him. ‘But it is going to be a long and difficult road.’

he pondered on my point for a moment.
‘I understand. Nothing is ever easy. I am willing to go through the pain if it means that I will reach my goal.’

Months and months went by and nothing of the sort you would expect happened.
Some of you think that she must have at least taken some steps.
But no, nothing of the sort happened!

‘I don’t understand why you are still bar-tending in that place.’ I told him a day.

‘I really want to start working as a medicine prectition , but I don’t have much experience,’

‘I need to start work on a regular basis, but I don’t know what about!’

‘Just do anything you like. Where were you planning to do anyway?’
Silence followed the end of that conversation, and I thought a long while about the thing that
he had said to me.
I am never the sort of person to judge someone, but her lack of trying was something that I thought about for a long time, because I knew that she wasn’t a lazy person.

I knew better than that. No one ever showed me the way. I found my own way.

I don’t necessarily believe that everyone should work out the way of life on their own. It is true; some people need help and tutoring. But that can also be a problematic mindset, because it gives way to unwillingness.

Why did he not start practice and learning about the craft in the many months that followed our conversation?

he said that she didn’t know where to start.
But if you ask me, it was never a question of knowledge. It was just a matter of unwillingness.
The idea that you may want something, but not enough to put yourself through the trouble of achieving it.

Some people never start doing the things they want, but that is not necessarily because they are afraid or simply lazy.

They won’t start because they are not willing to do what they have to do.

Starting something without knowledge or a straight path is a wearisome struggle, but that CANNOT stop a person who truly wants to gain that thing.

It is just a matter of priority.

Think about your own priorities.
What are the things that you have always wanted to started, but simply found yourself unwilling to do so?

Please, Need your time to read the text below, it can always change in some points and its that has made this community understand and help each other. I would like you to pay close attention to what is written in these notes. Try to really follow what I ask of all of you who are a few months old with me contributing meaningful comments and we have built something really good here along with people who have a positive mindset and we have managed to get more people together like that.

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