Most Important Lesson:- One Moment Determines Everything…!!!


Hi, Steemians....!!!
I have written blog posts here, I have talked about a lot of concepts about the ideal way of living.

It is not an exaggeration or overstatement to suggest that what I am about to tell you today can be regarded as one of the most important assertions that I have made here on Steemit.

One moment determines everything;
from where your life is going, to what destination it is going to end and how you are going to experience every incident or event.

The thing about life is that it’s a consecutive timeline of comings and goings. It never ceases to surprise or amaze you.
You have to be prepared for almost everything, and even then, you are going to be surprised.

It is full of abundance and scarcity. Full of joy and suffering. Full of love and hatred.

But above all else… life is about its moments.

Take a look at the state of your own life.

Are you satisfied with where you are going?

Are you content with what you are doing with your days?

More importantly, are you happy?

The difference between a person living the ideal life and a person struggling to keep their balance and make everything work is all in the moments.

One moment determines everything. Not more. Not less. It all goes back to one moment.

One moment that we experience on a daily basis. The moment of choice; between doing the right thing and doing the thing that you would later regret.

Making the right choice or making the wrong choice.

Successful people understand the importance of ‘moments’ and when these moments arrive, they do their best to make the right choices.

The right choices turn into a train that will take them where they need to go; a life happily lived and a purpose gracefully fulfilled.

When it comes to understanding the importance of moments, you should think about your choices regardless of the consequence that they will bring.

Obsessing over what is right and what is wrong should not be a priority.

This is just about the moment.
Am I going to procrastinate or start to work?
Am I going to waste time or use it efficiently?
Am I going to do the thing that is going to harm my future or avoid it?

Make the choice without thinking too much about it.

It is only then when you will make all the right choices in life.

Becoming successful or moving down a path that will eventually grant you with accomplishments is not as difficult as some people are in the habit of saying.
You see, it is all about understanding the significance of each moment and making the right choice.

When you make the right choice, you ride life straight to divinity. Some people do not need techniques or methods of productivity to set their course straight…

What they need is clarity, and understanding the important moments of everyday where you will have to make the ultimate choice is the path to achieve that clarity!

Be brave enough to seize the moments and make the right choice!


Please, Need your time to read the text below, it can always change in some points and its that has made this community understand and help each other. I would like you to pay close attention to what is written in these notes. Try to really follow what I ask of all of you who are a few months old with me contributing meaningful comments and we have built something really good here along with people who have a positive mindset and we have managed to get more people together like that.

Feel free if you want to be included in the list of contributors to this community.

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I have looked at my life and I can tell that I am not content with my state of life but I am happy with where I am going although sometimes I feel like I havent started or done anything yet.

At this point in life, just wanna be careful not to do any silly mistake or choose the wrong part.


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