Reaching New Levels Will Bring New Devils to Face and Confront!


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Outside the world of abstract concepts, feeling certain sensations as a result of things that happen in life is undeniable.
When you work hard, you can feel the difficulty of the struggle and that can be a pain in your neck. When you find relief, you can sink in the joyous indulgence of resting your body and mind.

In this blog post, my point is to dissuade you from the idea that if you work hard, you are going to find relief at the end of the road.
Take a closer look at successful people. Do you think that when they become successful, they have to work less?
Time and time again, it has been proven that the opposite is true.
When you find success in life, you inadvertently open windows towards new opportunities, all of which require their own work and dedication.
That is why success breeds success, and there is no end to this road. The more you work, the more you achieve, but understand that more work is going to come down your way.

This is not just an issue with the workload that you must take on, but with the challenges of the work itself.
Bigger work gives way to bigger challenges that can drive you insane with anxiousness and uncertainty.
So… before committing to the path of success and one that will make you soar high in the glorious sky, consider the consequences.
If you have ever played video games, especially role-playing ones, you know that as you progress, the game becomes more and more difficult to beat.
Every new level has its own challenges which are obviously greater than before. They are more massive in scale, and more troublesome to deal with as a consequence.

If you want to make progress, you need to be willing to face the new devil that is waiting for you on the new level.
Without that sense of courage, you will always remain at the spot you currently occupy.
Remember this: In order to reach new levels, you must be willing to face and confront new devils!



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