Election And Today's Rain Fall

2년 전

Good evening steemians,

Today's rain fall was more than that of yesterday, no one knew it will rained.

In Nigeria, 23rd February 2019, we had general election and same day at about 3:30pm there was rain fall. Some polling units were yet to conclude before the rain.


Nigerians decide another president who will rule for another 4years. A lot happened and hopefully it will still be described as free and fair.

Businesses are dull and movements around towns seemed to be slow and the situation around the general environs are cool and calm but highly unpredictable for now.

The result would be out soon and we will know who is emerging as the new president.


Some Nigerians believed the present president has nothing to offer and so they have already wished him farewell. Others are "Atikulated" meaning, Atiku is their option.

A lot of Nigerians also have little or no hope for any visible change in the area of the country's economy, development and power generation.

Be it as it may, the security situation is still yet to be contained mostly in the North East.

Corruption has over taken many sectors and the right of the citizens, not given due attentions.

All these if duly addressed would see the country wearing a new look, otherwise, "there was a country" - Chinua Achebe.



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