Greetings Steemians

2년 전

Screenshot_20190518-180258_1558199011243.pngDear Steemians,

Am happy to be back after being away for some reasons best known to me.

I have missed this platform so much and have been deeply in thought of what to bring on board that will interest you and help in solving some of our problems in life.

A lot are going on around the world and you will agree with me that human beings are increasingly being more wicked and seeking self satisfaction in daily basis. For instance, passion to live longer is what many people are searching for, so as to continue in their oppressing of one another.
In the area of technology; artificial intelligence, digital marketing, data science, and so on, are subjects of our daily discussions all over internet, social media e.t.c.

With the knowledge of AI, jobs are being lost, homes are broken, people are rendered worthless and you name them.

Man will always continue to seek, to discover and never to think about nature which is the core factor of human existence.

I have been thinking lately, if this is how we will be living, then our future is in great danger. Individually, we need to change our ways now or face the dark end.

I wish you all the best and good luck.


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