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Good evening steemians,

A lot of us have so many life experiences that its can be used for training purposes. Not withstanding, there are more to it.

As we lived, we became so used to our environment that we can even find our ways at night if there was no light. This intuitive knowledge is applicable to all aspects of daily activities.

Is experience the best teacher?

This question is left for you to attempt. Opinions are welcome and in my own opinion:
it depends on a particular experience. Meaning, there are things that does not follow an arranged order of precedence. However, experience is in some cases, are not the best teacher.


In one of my posts today about these great men, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, who have now been successful in life and we have forgotten the fact that they actually dropped out of school.

Their actions fired them up and being poised to impact positively to humanity, they arose from their abode and their works announced them to the world.

In life, success attract quite a huge numbers of friends and failure and, of course, our enemy.

Determination and diligence produce what everyone would what to be associated with.

Take for instance, Benjamin Franklin, who invented the electricity. Who knows how many times he tried but today people believed that he tried a lot of times.

"On December 23, 1750, Franklin got a chance to show off his bird-obliterating death ray. A crowd gathered, the turkey was contained, and Franklin readied the lethal charge. Suddenly, a bright flash of light engulfed Franklin, shocking him senseless." -

A launch vehicle which is a rocket that place a satellite into orbit was it developed from experiences gathered over time? I doubt. Some individuals are bent on researching to bring new things and or add values to the all ready existing ones - innovation.

The lesson of life, is it learned and applied in life also or has it gone with an individual when he/she passes on? No wonder great brains are laying death.

Do we try to discover better ways of getting things done and that will not create adverse effect to our environment.

Imagine the working of a refrigerator posing a problem to our environment and up till date no one can come up with a better gas to replace this chlorofluorocarbons.

What is our life all about?

Do we need be told we have serious work at hands. Am in a situation that I needed to do something fast and as I visualised, I know that I can do it. Anything and that am going to try till I succeed.




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